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    Dallas posted a Visitor Message for Jim_Gandee
    I saw that you mentioned changing your refrigerator, can you tell me what you did please, or light the way to a link where you have discussed it already maybe?

  • Jim_Gandee
    Dallas, I removed the original Norcold and replaced it with a Summit. The Summit is an AC only refer so unless you have an inverter the Summit is not an option. The Summit is almost twice the size of the Norcold and is true frost free. Having a larger fridge has made using the boat much more comfortable!
    The installation was a little tricky in that I had to lower the floor to allow for the extra height of the new refer. It wasn’t brain surgery thus if you’re even halfway competent with a few tools you’ll manage no issues. I know I took pics of the installation but I cannot locate them now. I’ll keep looking.
    Once the old fridge was out I spent some time cleaning up the wiring so the new fridge slid in easily. To secure the fridge I used L brackets- wood screws to the plywood framing and rivnuts to the thin sheet metal refer.
    If you have any questions please reach out.
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