Just picked up a 1991 Trophy 2002WA that was kept in a barn in Eastern WA for past 20 years and run lovingly by a couple on the larger lakes over there in that time. The main is a 1999 Honda 130HP has over 2k hours on it - but has only seen fresh water in that time. The kicker is a newer Honda 9.9HP. Fella I bought it from kept it in immaculate condition - had a routine with towels and what not to prevent sun bleaching of the dash area. He babied this boat! No unnecessary drilling into the hull - like new canvas with a sweet custom rocket launcher.

We are not a big fishing family - but love the utilitarian nature of fishing platforms and ease of care. This boat matches that need. The cuddy is huge and will be a crash zone for the kids for years to come. I have only had her out once and it was this past weekend in the smoke filled Bellingham Bay. Thankfully, its now raining here in the PNW and we are hoping for the fires to calm and skies to clear. The day I took her out it was dead calm - not a wave to be found. So, I am curious about how the boat will handle in the chop that is Bham Bay most days. We stepped up from a 16' Arima Sea Chaser that was just too small for the growing family. I loved how solid that dory design was but we got pounded in that lil boat on certain days. I was struck with how smooth the 2002WA boat handled - was like being in an old Cadillac - and we will see if that holds true when conditions worsen.

Overall, the boat needs nothing - except for some small stuff - like the cover that goes over the tool box under starboard step. Those kinda things I'd love to get fixed over time - so if anyone has resources they tap - would love to know. I am looking at installing a different anchor bracket on the front that will hold a Bruce anchor and then making it off with a locking mechanism. Any pics or advice on what others have done regarding that install would be great.

I do have to say that at first I was nervous about buying a Trophy with so much #### talking regarding the boat and its lack of seaworthiness - but from what I could finally gather - it seemed like many many actual owners had a lot of positive praise for the boat - while most of the negative reviews came from folks who had different makes - and were partial to their boat brand. So, I took that with a grain of salt and dropped my boat snobbery to give this boat a try. Additionally, my wife who spent her early years on the WA coast grew up on a 24ft and 28ft Bayliner. She had fond memories in the Puget Sound on her parents Bayliners - and actually was strong arming me to consider this boat (that was a twist - the combo of her love for this particular boat, that it has two well maintained Hondas hanging off the back end, and that the sellers were good honest hard working boat loving folks - well, it just was something I could not pass up. Seemed like a good deal at 12k as well. Suppose I will find out how good a deal with time.

I would love any and all input re this boat and this particular model - I had two separate knowledgeable boat folks look it over - and both thought the hull and transom were solid and gave me a thumbs up. Well, here's to a larger family boat to explore the San Juan Islands in! We tagged her with the name "Chickadee"