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The Bayliner Brotherhood

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    The Bayliner Brotherhood

    hi everyone. i just bought my 1st boat. i've loved them since i was a kid and the opportunity has long been right but one day i decided to take advantage of it and pulled the trigger on a volvo penta 1984 capri cuddy 1950.
    its a project but the price was right at $350 with the trailer. i'm looking forward to taking advantage of the inspiration you all have provided through your own projects and sharing my own build as it progresses.

    1st order of business: hose it down
    2: clean it out
    3: charge some patteries
    4: buy a cover

    im looking forward to a moderate stereo system, a toilet in the cuddy and a cooler for the beer and 1 for the fish




    I started with a 1952 cuddy. That was 2000. Great boat!

    18 years later I’ve owned 6 Bayliners, great boats all!

    Be preparted, it’s addicting!

    where are we right now​​​​​​???​


      I started with a 1987 1952....loved that boat
      1997 Bayliner Trophy 2352
      5.7 Mercruiser/Alpha I Gen II /Full Closed Cooling
      San Diego, CA

      HookEmDanO out ......

      the more people I meet the more I love my dogs !


        I started with a 1985 Capri Cuddy 1950. I believe this was identical to yours with the exception that it had the 2.3L engine whereas yours probably has the Volvo 2.1L (AQ125A).
        I rebuilt that boat and improved it quite a bit. I added dual carb and new camshaft to make 145 hp on it.
        Feel free to ask me questions and I will see what I can remember from it.

        I agree that the Bayliners are great boats for the price. I have upgraded a couple of times and also have restored several if them over the last 8 years.
        1985 Capri Cuddy 1950 (first boat - sold)
        1984 Capri bowrider 1950 (restore project - sold)
        1985 Ciera 2150 (2nd boat - upgrade from 1950 - sold)
        1996 Capri bowrider 1950 (restore project - sold)
        1986 Capri bowrider 1950 (3rd boat to use for tubing)
        1984 Ciera 2750 (4th boat replaced the Ciera 2150)
        1984 Ciera 2150 (restore project - will sell in 2019)
        1984 Ciera 2450 (restore project - will sell in 2019)


          I have owned 10 boats in my lifetime. 5 of them have been Bayliners. There certainly is a brand brotherhood with Bayliner boats.
          Rick Grew

          1981 Carver 3007 Aft Cabin

          2004 Past Commodore
          West River Yacht & Cruising Club


            I have had 4 boats, Three of them Bayliners
            72 22' Rienell hardtop
            74 24' Saratoga (like the 2452)
            81 2555 Saratoga
            86 2850 Current boat
            Ted G
            The Great PNW

            86 2850 Contessa SB
            Designers Edition
            Mercury 350 Mag
            290 Volvo DP


              I am reluctant to consider us a brotherhood.
              We are a Bayliner Owners Club!
              Pat says: DO-IT-RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!

              Bayliner 3870 "ALASKA33)
              Twin 350 GM power
              Located in Seward, AK
              Retired marine surveyor