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3055 as the first Bayliner

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    3055 as the first Bayliner


    Just recognized that it was an introduction folder here. Indeed I have already written a pair of questions in other threads already, but I should tell a few words about myself.
    Living in Sweden and boat owner since +30 years, but smaller boats, up to 20 ft. The latest Uttern S51.
    Since we live in the western part of Sweden, next to lake Vänern, it's there we have had, and will have, our boat.
    FYI Lake Vänern is the third biggest lake in Europe, with aproximately 90 miles from south to north, so yet no need for bigger sea. Not to mention the kind character of the sweet water compared to salt.
    Well, 1,5 months ago, me and my partber, bought our first Bayliner. A 3055 -99, with the standard Merc 5.0L*2, and Bravo 2 outdrives. The engines only had less than 400 hours of running time, so we hope that will last some years without major repairs. Until now, we're very pleased with the boat, but intend to prolong the swim platform, that is a little bit too short for this boat, in our opinion. Looking forward to get great advises from this forum. See you! Cheers.