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Looking for info and maybe a boat, s.Carolina

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    Looking for info and maybe a boat, s.Carolina

    Been sailing for years. Love sailing. Weekend aboard my 26ft sanjuan 26 during the warm months for ages. My need for another boat? Ever try to tow/rig a sailboat for a week? Seems like too much work!

    We rented a center console in the keys last year for a few hours then chartered a 32ft cabin cruiser for half a day of fishing. We need our own power boat!

    we want a cabin big enough for 3 to sleep, even if the kiddo has to "rough" it inside the enclosure on the deck. I love to fish, especially the patch reefs. I cant have a boat with so much feeboard i can't reach my fish. Standing on the swim platform in 2 to 3 ft waves in shark infested waters while taking a fish off the line isn't smart!

    i LOVE the old hard top trophys. Love the look of the sunbridge, reminds me of a miami vice prop!

    I have a huge 4x4 diesel excursion as a row rig. Id like to stay in the 21 to 26 ft range, prefer 23 up.

    I prefer diesels but until i find someone to manufacture me a water cooled turbo and manifold for my vw diesel motors I'll stick to gassers!!! We don't need a fast boat. The little lady hates planing hulls, the speed makes her nervous so we don't need a boat that does 35+mph, we will cruise near hull speed most of the time anyway.

    What model bayliner would you guys recommend? Looking for say 3 to 5k range. 70s & 80s models