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    Perspective buyer with Q's!

    Hey everyone and thank you in advance of any help! New to boats but not my love of the water!

    My question is, a friend is selling a 2001, not sure of the model yet, 18'. She said she knows the carburetor needs cleaning(i/o) but it's a really really good price so I'm going to look at it. Anything I should specifically look for, known issues with certain models that year, general key items to look for with any boat? I'm going to consider it a project for the first year anyway unless it's better than I expect lol.

    Again, thanks in advance!


    Have someone with marine mechanical knowledge look it over. Cannot tell you how many times I have heard “just needs the carb cleaned” only to find it needs major engine work.

    also look for signs of water in the I/O gear lube and condition of bellows.
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      Welcome! The first thing you should look for is a soft transom. This will generally be where the motor bolts up to the back of the boat on the inside. Take a small ball peen hammer, 2-3 oz size, and tap it on the thick part of the transom. You should hear a sharp crack, not a hollow thud. The thud means the wood reinforcement has soaked up a bunch of water and rotted. The problem usually starts where the drain plug “tunnel” is drilled but not sealed. It’s common on all makes, and repairable, but time consuming, dirty and all sorts of smelly. Next, take your tapping to the deck. If the boat passes the tap test, then, how is the overall condition. Dusty dirt is okay most of the time, but surface green crap like a car sitting outside for a couple of years, not so much.
      Having a carb “cleaned”.....uh, not me. I had a pair of 2001 4.3 V6’s in my previous boat and those carbs went to a specialty shop that works on special interest cars. Carb Connection in Kirkland if you live in the Puget Sound area. The labor rate is lower than almost any marine shop and they are fully trained techs. There is probably something similar near you.
      There are other things that will need to be done that you can do depending on your patience and willingness to get dirty. The outdrive will probably need a water pump impeller, and the bellows all need to be inspected for cracking. The drive lab will need to be changed, so, as long as it’s drained, it’s a good time to replace that impeller. YouTube University is an excellent resource for all this kind of stuff.
      Be sure to get your boaters card, make sure all of the safety gear is up to date and operational and get it added to your insurance. Once you are an owner, have a patient knowledgeable person teach you how to handle and maneuver your boat. We shocked some USCG “Coasty’s” last weekend while I was teaching my grandson how to dock my sisters ski boat. They came over because the thought we were having problems docking because we kept trying over and over. I explained what we were doing and they were amazed that training was actually happening.
      Good Luck...
      P/C Pete
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