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New liveaboard in the Boston area

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    New liveaboard in the Boston area

    After years of wondering what it would be like to live aboard, reading about it, asking about it, etc., I finally bit the bullet. I now call a 1989 3888 home, and am loving it. There's a lot to learn, and a lot to see. It's truly amazing to me how many nooks and crannies have been turned into lockers. It's interesting to figure out where all the switches are and what they do.

    I have a bunch of little cosmetic stuff to do. Little cracks here and there to dremel open, fill, and paint.
    I need to fix some of the switches at the lower control station.
    The range is wonky, and I kind of want a propane range, so I need to figure out a good place for a propane locker.
    I want to replace one head with a composting toilet.
    I want to add a pressure tank and a good set of filters to the water system, to stop the water pump from having to cycle so much and make the water safer.
    I want to add a recycling feature to the shower, so it can draw water from its sump, filter and UV sterilize it, and return it to the shower head.
    I want to upgrade the nav lights, and really all the lights, to LED.
    I want to improve the bilge system, with better float switches and level alarms.
    The engine compartment blower needs replacement.
    The batteries are going to need to be swapped soon.
    The engine fuel filters need to be swapped out, and probably the housings, too.

    What's that they say about a boat? That it's a hole in the water you pour money into? Bah! This is my home. I'm going to make it as nice as I can.

    And, of course, learn as much as I can.

    Welcome to the forum! There’s a ton of info on here and folks are ready to offer expertise (and opinions) for any issue you may have.
    Speaking of opinions, my wife were liveaboards on a 38. We took out the range and replaced it with an induction cooktop and a convection oven/microwave combo. It opened up a lot of space for storage, which you’ll never have too much of.
    Drew Haas
    1998 4788 "Painkiller"


      Welcome to the forum. I am also new here. Have just joined the forum. Feeling much excited to be here.