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    Decided to look around for Bayliner info and found this website!! Great find!

    We own a 2001 Bayliner 195 Capri Sport with an Escort trailer. Now that it's almost 17 years old, it's starting to show its age. We were on a lake for 15 years, now we're in salt water. Since 2001, had the carb rebuilt, repaired the VDO display unit, and installed new tilt/trailer parts. A new twist is that we now need to know the exact weight of boat & trailer since we changed to GEICO insurance. Does anyone know the exact weight? The GVW listed on the original papers was 3,995 lbs, but I think that was just an estimate. Sadly, it can't be over 2,999 lbs.

    Hello and welcome to BOC1 Your trailer should have a plate with the serial number and the gross weight of the trailer and load (GVW). That should be a good starting place.

    Please take a little time to fill out your Profile page. Be sure to Include you location and boat / trailer particulars in the signature section. That way we won't have to ask for it every time you have a question where that information will matter. Thanks

    Newport, Oregon
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      Welcome Nelson! This site sure is a gem! Agree with Mr Darcy. That SIGNATURE section will "fast track" your experience within. Another tip if you haven't already, from the FORUM tab/ page click the " WELCOME (NEW) dropdown top center page . From there select "OWNER'S LISTS" and most likely you'll find a group "within the group" with your same model. A wealth on info lies within!

      Also ( in my case given size, as I recollect a data plate on the boat wasn't a requirement) and being a 1990 the trailer has nothing regarding data, but you can google year, make and model and click the NADA value's link that should come up. Kind of like a "blue book" you can go through the dropdowns and that should get a pretty accurate figure too. There's also a trailer section there too. Where do you live/ boat? Insurance company? "yessir that's just what mine weighs!" LOL Original papers as in factory stuff or dealership? I'd bet you'll get the data on the weight as she rolled off the line from somebody on here.

      I haven't ever noticed boat/trailers getting weighed here in NC. My main concern with weight is with regards to braking/ handling and how much strain to the tow vehicle. Thanks for the post! Haven't given insurance much thought till now. Something I shall be looking into once mine's ready to float

      Again WELCOME! Enjoy and good luck in your search!

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