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Hi all !! Need some input on this boat please.-gctid825804

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    Hi all !! Need some input on this boat please.-gctid825804

    I'm hearing some not-so-good reviews of this boat since it's a Bayliner offshoot. I'd like to hear from you guys please.



    Some websites trash all thing Bayliner and Trophy. A certain site called The Hull T**** comes to mind. According to the sages out there, only a very expensive center console with triples will safely float and allow you to catch fish. If it fits your needs, its good provided it has been cared for.
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      I fish, dive , party, cruise, etc with my Bayliner....and love it.

      While mine is not a Trophy, several owners nearby in my marina have Trophys and I hear rave reviews. We travel and fish side by side ...and I would not hesitate to buy a Trophy.

      Do your homework and have any brand of used boat " inspected" by pros. The Trophys near me are solid smooth and rough water, catch fish....and provide hours of pleasure to the families that own them.

      Don't be turned off by rumors and outdated perceptions. If you like the it. Try it for a season and if it doesn't meet your expectations....move on to something else. I've had lots of is not a life can always change course down the road.

      Don't miss out on a good deal.

      Have fun.

      Good luck with the decision.

      Be safe.