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    Hi all I live in Sacramento ca Area , just purchased a 1973 20' something its a open cuddy with icebox, sink, stove

    The motor will need some help ,Volvo 170 , somebody worked on it and dident finish , had distributor out and likly did not get it back right ,

    Which lead to a search for the cause...... Any way first of many questions there is a vacume advance distributor in it ( havent looked under cap) i dont think thats right.

    And are there any manuals that cover what ever modle Boat I have?

    Thanks .

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    Welcome to the forum!!

    The Volvo AQ170 is a great engine. You should not have vacuum advance. There is a good chance someone pulled an engine from a Volvo 160 or early 260 series car and dropped it in there at some point.

    I would start with a compression and leak down test, then find top dead center firing for the number 1 cylinder, reinstall the distributor and wires, and go from there.
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        Welcome to the BOC! Some pictures of the engine, distributor etc. might help you get answers. Also, please take a minute to fill out your profile page with info about the boat and the area where you live and use your boat. You could have a knowledgeable BOC member living near by.

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          Welcome to another cuddy owner!
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            I have tried to post on my profile but it just seems to reject any attempt , but its likly me