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New owner - 2005 Bayliner 185-gctid819778

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  • New owner - 2005 Bayliner 185-gctid819778

    Hi everyone! I just bought a 2005 Bayliner 185 and I'm completely new to boating in general. When we got it home we wanted to bring up the auxiliary power to check all the gauges but got nothing at all. The boat has been sitting for a year without being run so I am assuming that the battery is likely dead. When I was reading the manual and see that there is supposed to be a battery on/off switch as well as an engine breaker. Of course the manual only mentions that they are there and does not indicate where I might find either of these. I searched the "cubby" area where the battery is and the engine compartment as well. I could not seem to locate anything though. Any thoughts on where they might be or what they look like? I want to make sure they are switched on instead of just assuming it is the battery. Thanks!

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    The battery key may be located near the battery compartment against the side of the hull. You will probably have to remove the seat to get to battery. Look for a yellow cable coming from the battery heading away from the engine. It should be connected to a switch of sorts hanging up on the inside of the hull. The battery key is plastic and red in color. My 185 has the standard seating with a seat on either side of the engine cover. In pic you can see my battery key as well as the yellow cable running from the battery. The key switch in the pic is located inside the battery compartment and hanging on the hull on the right side ...

    Certainly I would put the battery on a charger, and probably invest in a new battery regardless. If the battery key is not inserted and turned to the in position, NOTHING will work on the boat except for the trim motor

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      Thanks Rob! I will go home and take a look for it. I don't recall seeing anything like that but I was looking for an actual dial like in the manual.


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        I've got a 2001 Capril Classic 1950 and mine is on the stearn port side above the battery. You have to reach up in the "cubby" above the battery. You can see it from the motor side too. Just look for where the wires go.

        FYI, my ACCY switch is useless for some reason, gonna have my FIL take a look, he's a wiz with electrical.
        2001 Bayliner Capri 1950 CL