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    New member and Bayliner owner-gctid818378

    Hello, I am new here. I just signed up because I recently became the proud owner of a Bayliner Trophy 17. We live in central Pennsylvania and main boating water is the Susquehanna River and a few lakes. Also only a 4 hour drive from the Chesapeake Bay and about the same for Lake Erie. My wife and I briefly owned a 1962 Crestliner ski boat that we were making work for fishing.... Then one day, an old friend/boss sends me a message showing me his new center console fishing boat, tells me I should buy his old fishing boat. "I'll make you a heck of a deal". I'm thinking yeah right, but when he told me how much, my reply was, "sold, send me some pictures".

    The story is that the 85hp force needs a new coil. He had it at a reputable local boat sealer and they found the issue and were about to fix it when his "new" boat was brought in as a trade-in. He ended up pulling both home.

    So it needs that and some safety stuff. I put a new battery in it. Should be about ready to go. It does need some cosmetic stuff and some things I'd love to upgrade. We plan on having this boat a very long time.

    Also, the title was redone at some point and is now listed as a 1990 trophy 17. The problem is, from what I have searched, that isn't possible. The hin # BLDA06FRF889 indicates it's a 1989. The nada website matches that info.

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    Welcome to B.O.C trout! You'll be amazed at the wealth of knowledge these guys have and how ready they are to share accurate, detailed tips and info that in most cases will save you a ton of time and expense.

    That said The two pieces of advice I'll give you below are about the two MOST IMPORTANT things you can do to ensure you receive more choices for reference, that will be the most accurate, detailed, boat/ model/ system/ component specific info with minimal wait time and "back and forth" messaging. All I ask in return is that you as you notice new members, pass these "golden tidbits" on to them. As a result we all benefit!

    First: you need to complete your profile asap. Specifically the SIGNATURE section. Access it from your PROFILE page. in there you can put all the pertinent info about your specific boat, engine model, trailer, tow vehicle major mods/ upgrades and such. As you cruise the site you'll start noticing most folks have them and the kind of stuff they out there to keep from having to repeat it every time you post something. That way it's already there and that's the stuff that if it's there you'll start to get replies from folks having very specific almost custom tailored assistance instead of scrolling through 15 replies and maybe finding two that "fit to a T" your specific question/ issue. More than likely ALL 15 wil have spot on info/ tips, giving you options to pick, choose, compare and even combine elements from all for even better info at your disposal,

    The "other side" of this coin: someone posts a question about their outdrive or something specific. There's a pretty good chance that if someone clicks and opens your thread( or whatever ti's called) since your title mentioned OUTDRIVE and they may have the exact one as you but there's nothing there staring at him from your SIGNATURE section (that once complete ALWAYS shows up with your thread) letting him know you have the same one, he clicks out and is on to the next one. See he's looking for something specific too, The more we help them to have what they need to help us streamlines the process for all.

    Second: when you get a chance if you haven't already, search to see if there is a group/ section made up only of owners with the SAME model as you. It may even be more specific for example down to certain years. if so open it and use the FAVORITES tab so you can always get to it from your profile page so you won't have to relocate it each tike Either way THAT group/ section will prove to be your best direct line to everything TROPHY!


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