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  • cummins 1.7 litre diesel still available?-gctid818129

    I like the idea of a small diesel in a trophy style fishing boat but don't know if they are still available and if it is reliable. any thoughts on this and does anyone know of any for sale?

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    I briefly considered them early on in my boat search. When I researched them, I turned up old YouTube listings from Boat House of Anaheim and some dealer up in Washington. Both explained that the diesel Trophies were very popular in Australia/NZ. So most of the ones which used to be in the U.S. have been resold and shipped down under. Occasionally one comes up, but they're rare.

    I think I saw one listed in the Seattle Craigslist when I was hunting for Bayliner parts a week or so ago (might've been Portland - I basically scoured the West coast). There was another one in the San Diego Craigslist, but that was over a month ago so the listing is probably gone unless it's been relisted. Dunno if you can still get them new, but you can check out the Trophy website for what engine options are available.

    In the end I crossed them off my list for safety reasons. I planned to do a lot of offshore fishing, so I considered it a requirement to have two motors. That way I can still get home if one dies. The normal config is either twin outboards, or one main engine + kicker motor. With a diesel main engine, I would need either a diesel kicker motor (don't think one exists) or a kicker with a very large separate gas tank.
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