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    New to us 3888-gctid817488

    We are the proud new owners of a 1994 3888 with twin hinos in the beautiful waters of Puget Sound. We have taken her out numerous times to learn how she handles, and get used to the feel of a big boat as our other boat is a 195. One annoying issue we cannot seem to resolve is the sewer smell which accumulates in the galley area when the boat is idle. The previous owner used sea water. We have pumped and switched over to using fresh water . I have added a bio enzyme additive, with little results. The air fresheners don't seem to touch the odor. Any suggestions? Oh, by the way, the hoses are less than three years old. This newbie does not know where the vent/filter is located, can anyone enlighten me? Thanks for any and all help. :sick: :sick:

    Welcome to the BOC! Sorry to say, your black water hoses are probably permeated. They are not a fun job to remove, but once it's done, it's so much better. The folks at Fisheries can fix you up with some fist class hose and adapters so that most of the hose is replaced with schedule 40 PVC. You can also eliminate, as I and many of my friends have, the Y valve. I retained the mascerator for when in Canada because pump outs are far and few, and not free. If you would like I would be happy to share that project, that started with removing a large grocery bag of air fresheners, send me a PM with your email. There are some other change we have made that you will want to see, like how I revised the flying bridge ladder to a more comfortable angle. My boat is stored at Dagmars in Everett and will be

    "Home" at the end of the month.
    P/C Pete
    Edmonds Yacht Club (Commodore 1993)
    1988 3818 "GLAUBEN”
    Hino EH700 175 Onan MDKD Genset
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      The holding tank is located under the hatch at the foot of the forward berth bed. The vent line is a 5/8" line that should be coming off the top of the tank somewhere. The line runs forward under the galley floor then on up to the starboard hull vent adjacent to the water tank vent. This line must be clear and open or every time a toilet is flushed pressure will build in the tank and the stink will be forced out into the boat. To verify the vent line is clear you can disconnect it from the tank and connect it to a vacuum hose. You should hear and feel a strong suction at the hull vent. Clear the vent and line if necessary.

      Even though the hoses are three years old they may be permeated. To test for this dip a wash cloth in hot water then wring mostly dry. Rub the damp cloth along a section of hose then smell the cloth. If the cloth stinks the hoses are permeated and the odor will never abate until hose replacement.

      Welcome to 38XX ownership! I trust you'll have some terrific experiences roaming the PNW!
      Jim Gandee
      1989 3888
      Hino 175's
      Fire Escape
      [email protected]
      Alamitos Bay, SoCal


        I had the same problem with my 3988 when I first bought it.

        It turned out to be a totally plugged vent hose.

        The outside vent was also plugged and corroded.

        After replacing the vent hose and the outside vent, I gave the system a good clean

        by using 2 bottles of "Head-O Matic Shock Treat " and went for a good run to shake it all up.

        No smell problem after that.

        I have been experimenting with all the available daily treatments.....I haven't really come up with a 'BEST ONE' yet.
        1999 Bayliner 3988
        Twin Cummins 6BTA 270hp
        Malaspina Strait, BC


          Did you figure out where the filter is?


            I found out that the filter was removed from my boat. It was originally under the hatch in the galley