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Help with finding out the age of a bayliner 2052-gctid817370

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    Help with finding out the age of a bayliner 2052-gctid817370

    Hello, im new to boating and have decided that i really like the bayliner 2052. ive seen a few however most people seem to be a bit unsure of the year of their boat. Last guy i spoke to has said "it was sold to me as a 2003" What i think of that is.....he wants to sell it as a 2003 but if i find out its older then he isn't to blame.

    Anyway ive seen a couple and wanted to see if there is anywhere that can advise me of the year etc without having to actually be close enough to he boat to read the HIN. 1 IS IN IRELAND AND ANOTHER IS IN ENGLAND, im based in Scotland.

    The one im most interested in is the one i have attached below. if you can tell me the year of this it would be great.

    Attached files

    Have them send you a picture of the HIN.
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      The seller should have the paperwork for the boat with the HIN # on it the last 2 digits will tell the year.
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        Last 2 numbers on the upper right transom.
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