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Carburetor issue for OMC Cobra 2.3 liter-gctid816249

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    Carburetor issue for OMC Cobra 2.3 liter-gctid816249

    Hi! I am Geir Kilen!

    I bought a project, 1989 Bayliner Capri with OMC Cobra 2.3 liter, 4 cylinder. I have been remodeling the interior and was going to test it on the water recently. I did not get far. It cranked and ran for a few minutes. By the time I had parked the truck and trailer, the engine had stopped running, and it would not crank again.

    Prior to this, I had replaced the old, bad gas in the tank. I also replaced the fuel fill line and fuel filter/water separator. But apparently there is a bunch of gunk in the carburetor. One guy that knows more about it than me (I am a chef), recommended I buy a new carburetor. Another suggested to rebuild. What do you think? It would be easier to buy a new one, but they are expensive. What's on it now is a Rochester 2jet. Is that all that will fit? Any suggestion where I can find one for less than $200? Any suggestions will be appreciated!

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    Get the right kit, find a good motorcycle mechanic and let him rebuild it.

    Bring him food.
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      I ended up taking the carburetor off the boat and taking it home where I had A/C and better light. I just cleaned it and put it back together, and when I put it back on the boat after work today, It cranked up and ran just fine. Well, that part anyway. Now I encountered ANOTHER challenge. It's overheating!!!!! See the video:

      Any ideas? Does it have a thermostat somewhere? I could not find it, but that would be the easiest and cheapest solution so I will seek that first. If it has one, does anybody knows where it's located?