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We are FINALLY live-aboards!-gctid816212

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    We are FINALLY live-aboards!-gctid816212

    I've been mostly lurking here for a little bit....we were on the hunt for a decent 4588 and ran into some issues and delays. However, on June 14th, our closing finally happened! A big thanks to the good folks (especially Amy!!!) at Banana Belt Boats in Anacortes, WA for helping us get into our boat!!!! We moved the boat from Anacortes to Bellingham weekend before last, so we officially went into live-aboard status on the 23rd, lol! Our "official" moorage in Blaine, but we're hoping to keep subletting here in B'Ham, as we both work (I own a business) here on the Port of B'Ham grounds.

    So anyhoo, we hauled it out last weekend for some fresh bottom paint and a good wax, and were able to get it back into the water for the 4th of July festivities! After the months of pain trying to find the right vessel, it was really amazing to not only get out on the water for one of the biggest boating holidays of the year and end up being the "party boat". Lots of friends and a really good time was had. Not only that, but it gave us the chance to really test all the systems (davit, dinghy, dogs getting into the dinghy, etc, lol) while we had "help" on board.

    My husband was in the Navy for 20+ years (retired) and now works for a local boat yard, so being on and around boats is second nature to him. I, on the other hand, am almost a complete landlubber other than being a former Dive Master (so a passenger). That being said, I am a big nerd (career-wise and at home) so I read, read, read, and have been reading everything boat-related that I could....for the past 5 years! Other than getting comfortable with moving on the decks and getting on and off (I fear falling overboard, something awful), I am starting to learn all the systems and hope to be comfortable to start trying to dock soon (I have no issues in open water, and I "understand" docking concepts pretty just have to match up book knowledge and reality, lol). We both are working on navigation (and already took the USCG Aux 10-week course), and our helm controls, gauges, and electronics. It has been amazing to be able to wake up, drink my coffee with the salon door open, listening to the gulls and seals, and then WALK to work. I've had a 1+ hour with almost every job I've every had. Now, I am my own boss....AND I can walk to work. Life changing. Literally. I know Winter is Coming but, for now, this is an absolutely amazing experience and I can finally understand why I've never met anyone who regretted living aboard (I also understand bad s#it can happen and that it's not all roses on a boat...but for now, I'm living the dream!)

    She was registered with her new name, so we are working on getting her transom letters and then we'll perform her renaming ceremony! Neptune didn't take us down over the weekend, so I guess he's alright with the order of operations....

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    Well done, exciting life change.

    My wife and i have lived on board ours for 5 years now with no particular end in sight.

    BOC has been a first call resource for anything we've needed to know.

    All the best.

    Ian B)
    Ian & Emma
    MV "LaPaloma"
    1990 4588
    Bay of Islands
    New Zealand


      15 years a liveaboard and no plans of returning to the dirt.
      "Adios Dinero"
      1997 3988 with new 330 Cummins
      Photo Credit: Whiskywizard