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    New Northwest (Almost E18) Member-gctid815539

    Hi Everyone. First Post, but I've been lurking for a while. Many of the comments here helped my decide on the Element XL, and wanted to say thanks to those who have been on the E18 threads.Been out of boating for a few years and I just couldn't take it anymore and began shopping for a new vessel.

    That's what brought me here. When I did internet searches on various E18 topics, often I ended up here in one of the threads. Considered several different boats but decided on the Element 18. This will be my second Bayliner and about 5th boat overall. Always Outboards. Grew up in an outboard racing family and you just didn't buy a ski boat that had a car engine in it.

    Anyway...After a bunch of research I've decided on the E18 despite the cavitation issues. Great price; great layout; customizable to be set up just about anyway you want. I won't be racing around any more (Much ) so the cavitation and turning issue wasn't a deal breaker but in an effort to minimize it, I'm going with 115 Pro XS Command Thrust engine. The Pro XS because it tuned higher...seen reports it dynos at 125 and it should go a couple MPH faster on the top, and who doesn't want to go faster. lol

    Going with the Command Thrust lower leg because it is geared a little lower, and also allows for access to the larger 150 props which will provide much better bite, and I think with prop experimentation much of the turning and cavitation issues can be resolved or at a minimum...greatly reduced. My hope anyway. The larger prop should also allow for much better trimming of the boat and getting the nose up a little to allow for better MPG and MPH. I don't imagine my 4 year old grandson will be bothered by the cavitation...but for me it will be like fingernails on a chalk board. But for the most part, we will just be cruising, fishing, hanging out, and a little tubing and wakeboarding. Your basic stuff, and I think the E18 will be great for all of them.

    Buying the boat with the tow-arch, extra fuel tank, and automatic bilge pump...and that's it. Going to install the Bimini, stereo, tach and other gauges myself so I can get exactly what I want. Haven't tinkered with a boat in a few years so it will be fun. Haven't decided on a color yet, still in discussions with the dealer and Bayliner regarding available graphics, graphics colors, and 2018 rumors of interior and exterior colors.

    Attached a pic of the Tach I've found that most closely matches the Element speedo. A 3" Seastar tach and hour meter. Doesn't have the black inside circle like the speedo, but pretty close. Anyone find one that is exactly like the speedo?

    Anyway...Thanks for the help and look forward to future discussions...

    Outboard Eric In Idaho

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    A warm welcome to you. The Element to me is like the 57 Chevy or a Honda Civic - a total blank canvas, begging for customization.

    I am very interested to hear about your performance and prop selection experimentation. You are only the second person, and the first US person, to try the 115 Pro XS.
    Matt Train
    BOC Site Team
    Chicagoland, IL


      Thanks Download.

      I was curious if you knew of any E18 owners that had gone with the CT lower end?