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    First time boat owner-gctid814139

    I recently purchased a used 2006 175BR with a merccruiser 3.0L inboard/outboard engine. The boat did not come with any manuals. The motor was tested while not in the water and appeared to run well, but when I took it to the lake the propeller would not engage. I watched several YouTube videos on starting up the motor. Still cannot engage. Any suggestions as to what I am overlooking before I make a trip to a service shop? Again, engine starts up and revs when throttle is moved, but no propulsion. Thx

    your neutral throttle button is stuck. it is the black button that the throttle handle pivots on. you should be able to bring the handle to vertical position and it will click then when you go forward with the handle and depress the red safety grip at the same time, the outdrive should engage. you are in a throttle only mode. your button mabey stuck in.
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