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    New VR6 owner-gctid810904

    Just put the down payment on a VR6. Hope to pick up in the next two weeks. Our dealer is backed up and there's a wait list for sea trials. Waiting is always the hardest part right?

    Not new to boat ownership, but it's been about ten years. I'm a heavy equipment Diesel engine tech that does some marine work on the side so I've spent my whole life around boats. Hell, I even grew up on the Potomac River.

    I had to get a VR6 with the 200 H.P. 4.5l sadly, but after my dealer let me pour over the parts manuals for both the 200 H.P. and the 250 H.P. Versions of this engine, the only difference in these to engines is turning, so hopefully I can reprogram this thing once I can get my hands on the ECU. I can tell you getting a OEM ECU isn't an option as there guarding the ECU like it's gold (and at $3800)

    Anyway I did a lot of research before buying but as it's a fairly new boat and engine not a whole lot of information to be found yet so we'll see how it goes.

    You will love it, and even the 200 hp has enough power to be entertaining.

    Interesting analysis on the 200 vs 250. We have heard conflicting information on this, so if you follow through and tune it, we will want to know.
    Matt Train
    BOC Site Team
    Chicagoland, IL


      Welcome Lostone. I wouldn't sweat the 4.5 200 too much unless you're one with the need for speed. It gets my 22 ft. cuddy on plane easily and tops out in the low 40s. But we look forward to your observations and whatever you find out. Cheers.