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my (34)1st(34) boat.-gctid810683

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    my (34)1st(34) boat.-gctid810683

    Driving home atm. Just purchased a 98 bayliner capri 1600 ls.

    Wasnt actually looking gor a boat but seen this one at a price i liked with trailer. Running water ready just needed seats redone.

    Floor was done 3 years ago. Motor just serviced by the marina 3 months ago. Took it out before i purchased. All seemed to work fine on our 20 min outing. Just a little wet from the rain.

    "The plan"

    Buy bimini top.

    Buy boat cover(gonna tarp for now)

    Redo seats(swivel captain chairs and rebove the back to back seats.)

    Maybe a fishing platform upfront to replace the johnboat.

    Has a ski pole. So i bought a tube and a 60ft rope.

    Make a bigger swim platform/double swim platforms...

    Was debating on something to do with the kids for this summer. Father had sailboats(use to use them alot) bro had a bayliner 17ft i think with a i/o 350 on it. Used it a few times.

    Go boating every other weekend. Renew fishing license and go scuba diving.

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    1998 bayliner capri 1600 ls(what the window says)powered by a 90 hp force outboard.

    tampa bay area FL.

    Welcome to BOC and what I hope is a memorable season on the water with your family!
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      Welcome to BOC and get out on the water! This site is a deep well of information and entertainment. Be safe and join in!
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      GO HAWKS!


        well all went well on our first outing kinda... all in all was a blast.

        let the little one drive(she's 11 and i put it at around 1500 rpm and sat in the middle of the boat right next to her.) all she wanted to do was donuts for like 15 minutes and figure 8's

        got the miss's soaked had her ride up front with the lil one. and did everything i could to splash them. was a great ride. would of stayed out longer but the sun was setting and i didnt feel like docking at night without any lighting.

        was about a mile out in the bay. and hit a sand barge(not sure if i am calling it right) was able to back off it go around and continue on boating around. after i came to a dead stop from about 15 km and threw the boat in reverse while raising the motor to get it off ground the depth meter finally beeped saying it was under 3 ft(guesing it meausres in feet gonna look that up in a few minutes).

        found a few issues with it sofar.

        how accurate is the depth meter?

        the volt meter doesnt move from 12v.(gonna test charging tomorrow and see if its the alt(reciever/rectifier))

        the battery is under the bench behind the driver just free floating around.(found that out while looking for the fuse panel because radio wouldnt come on still havent found the fuses) i think it should be on the pass side maybe under where the fuel filler neck is. has a big area under it that is able to store it and looks like it will fit. or is it on the drivers side under where the primer ball comes out to the motor?

        the radio wont power on(gonna test that either tonight or tomorrow)

        the throttle was a bit tough gonna lube the cables this weekend.

        it topped out at around 35 km was a light roughness(about 3 inch chop) thought i read somewhere online it is sapose to do roughly 35 mph not 20. might be prop size who knows. from a dead stop u go wot and it puts u in your seat. fast enough for what i was trying to do with er.

        the plywood under pretty much every seat is toast gonna start replacing the plywood and ducktape the seats closed for now. cant afford to go junkyard shopping like i planned due to airline screwups...

        dont know what any of the switch's do. flipped them all and nothing happens. no lights/radio.

        the windows dont line up right(have to lift up on the drivers side a bit to close the middle window)

        trailer wise issues.

        one of the runners snapped while trying to wench the boat on the trailer(was low tide and had my rear tires under water and couldnt get the trailer deep enough at the dock i went to.)

        2 of the runners are not touching the boat going to adjust them this weekend when i replace the broken one(doing all 4)

        some lights dont work(easy fix)

        the wench strap guide(name) bent while wenching the boat up.

        i think that is everything atm. not sure. but im sure there is going to be more. now to start googling info in hopes i can find some answers.

        bought a walmart cover for now(if it lasts 6 months it was worth it.) so no more rain water gets inside the boat. going to get the factory bow cover/bimini cover when i can find one in a price tag i can afford
        1998 bayliner capri 1600 ls(what the window says)powered by a 90 hp force outboard.

        tampa bay area FL.


          Welcome Aboard !
          Be good, be happy, for tomorrow is promised to no man !

          1994 2452, 5.0l, Alpha gen. 2 drive. Sold ! Sold ! Sold !

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            Think of that depth gauge as a trend instrument. It's sender is located on the back of the boat so the display is actually where you have been not what you are in now. The bottom usually rises up to give you an indication it's shallowing but NOT always. You still should know approximately what's out there ugly and approximately where you are. Get a nautical chart for your waterway. You will find apps that show you right where you are either cheap or free. I've used one for years. You can use both instruments to cross check your location quite nicely .

            As for your retrieval it sounds like you didn't put it deep enough into the water. With my rig , bunks, I back it into the water till the front edge of the bunk board is just under water and there is very little cranking.and it's easy. You shouldn't be having to grunt to winch it in. Yours may need slightly different depths but it's a good starting point.

            Speaking of trailers on the water don't wait do this now. Jack the trainer enough to pull off a tire knock off the dust cap or bearing buddy. There are tutorials on YouTube ect showing the process. If the grease is discolored or any water in tHere theberings are probably toast. You can get bearing seal kits at Walmart and elsewhere fairly cheap. You really should do this every spring and at t least check for watery grease.

            The trouble with a new to you boat is this. The owner almost always hasn't done much if any lately ops:


              thats good to know about the depth gauge. and how it reads... i downloaded navionics. just have to make a phone holder(need time is all) hard to drive while holding a phone while watching maps because the miss's goes i cant understand this map why does it have numbers... no matter how i try to explain it to her its a uuuhhh thats your department...

              trailer wise. i have owned many trailers. few john boats and used my dads sail boat all the time. its one of those things i check on monthly. they were full of grease and had no wiggle when lifted off the ground.

              now i just gotta figure out my charging issues/questions...
              1998 bayliner capri 1600 ls(what the window says)powered by a 90 hp force outboard.

              tampa bay area FL.