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new bayliner 2452 owner needs tech help please!-gctid809753

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    new bayliner 2452 owner needs tech help please!-gctid809753

    Hello all, I just bought a 95 bayliner 2452 classic from a marina it has been sitting in the water for a few years now since the owners passed away. boat looks great for its age in and out but I went to start it up and it turned over but just didnt start . i put new plugs in it and it fired up like a champ! So when it was running in the berth i noticed it was getting warm to about 250- 260 after 10-15 min. I can see algae build up on the outdrive. I need to pull it out of marina to put on trailer but the nearest launch or ramp it about 15 -20 min down the waterway. my begging question to all you that know more than me lol is there water being restricted going into engine and how can i get it somewhat clean to make it to launch without overheating?? really could use any ideas to help me. Thank you again.

    You didn't sea trial the boat before the purchase? Sitting without use in the water? Salt or fresh? There's likely marine growth not only on the exterior of the drive but probably growing on the interior of the raw water cooling system as well. Is this an alpha drive? What size motor? Raw water cooled or closed cooled?
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      If the boat has been sitting for a long time you have a lot of deferred maintenance items that you will want to be dealing with before you make any big moves. You will definitely want to clean the bottom and outdrive. My guess is that the impeller is also on its way out or kaput at this point and should be replaced. Replacing the oil and outdrive fluids would also be good. Make sure you check your anodes as well. The old gas could cause you some hiccups until its all used up or pumped. There are a lot of variables there that would dictate the best course of action.
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        Your comment about algae buildup leads me to think you are in fresh water. "Waterway" leads me to think upstate New York. Knowing where you you are and more about you boat and power package in your signature would really help. I would tow that boat to wherever it's going to come out of the water. It may be a day long adventure, but planning that way will keep you relaxed. 15-20 minutes down the waterway is related to speed. In a car? A boat going fast?

        Plan to do a complete, as in take things apart, inspection. Replace the raw water pump in the drive for sure. Pull the risers off the manifolds and check the casting for thinning watts. Time now on the hard is well spent.
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          hi, i meant it has been in a berth at a delta in northern cali for a few years. The last tags on boat were 2015. the motor is a 5.7 merc. what is the raw water pump? is it the water pump like in a 5.7 car motor?and can you tell me what are the risers on the manifolds is that the big square looking thing on the exhaust manifolds?thank you again


            Yup, the exhaust system is build by several items.

            First the exhaust manifold, then the risers (which can be at different heights depending on the motor installation according to the waterline) on a 2452 it's a 3" riser, and then the exhaust elbow which directs the exhaust and used cooling water into the Y-pipe (bullhorn).

            Down there you have some flappers that prevent the water from a backwash to get into the motor via the exhaust system at a sudden stop.

            All these parts must be in good condition to prevent damage to the engine.
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              Do everything that is mentioned above! As that boat has been setting in brackish water for a long time!

              I used to boat only in the delta there an I would guess that the outdrive is complete toast!!!

              I would not start that engine or put it in gear as long as it is still in the water!!!

              That water is very hard on outdrives, they turn to powder after setting awhile!

              Have it towed to a ramp or a marina that has the ability to get out of the water so you can have a complete inspection!

              I dont mean to rain on your parade but I have seen what has happened to boats that set for long periods without use!

              With that Welcome and good luck!

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