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CIERA 2355 The switch for the macerator-gctid808964

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    CIERA 2355 The switch for the macerator-gctid808964

    Hi Everyone,

    Just joined up and was hoping someone out there could help me.

    I have just brought a 96 bayliner 2355 and it works great. However we are learning how to use everything and the one thing we cant work out is how to use pump out waste from the boat when and where we are allowed to do so. We may never need this function as we use the marina to pump out but it would be great to know if we ever needed it.

    We have found the two switches down by the drivers feet but the switches are very stiff and barely able to put or move!! Is there another switch we need to press first or is there something we are doing wrong.

    Thank you so much for your help

    Rich and Leanne

    Rich and Leanne, Welcome to the BOC. As with a lot of boat things, one question generates two or four more questions. A picture or two would help. Also adding information about your boat, like what kind of power package and where you use it, is very helpful.

    You are probably going to end up changing out the switches. They are not specific to Bayliner and I usually find replacements on Amazon or eBay. That you have some switches that are gummed up means that are not used very often. If one of them is for the macerator, the macerator may also be frozen.

    Again, Welcome!
    P/C Pete
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      Welcome rich and leanne!

      I had a similar issue with mine, when I bought my boat. Initially, I had to replace my macerator as it was seized. Replaced that and noticed the tank was empty anyways. I wanted to fill it up with water to flush it through and run some sanitizer. My rocker switches were a little stiff like yours. I had a feeling they hadn't been used in a long time. Anyways, while I was running the water through I kept toggling the switches. Eventually, they started loosening up. They should be a little stiff anyways, to prevent from accidentally engaging by your foot or something. You might want to work on them a bit to see if they do that. Also, you must engage both switches for the macerator to engage. They may kick out on you. I believe that's by design to prevent from over pumping. Here''s a link to the manual for a similar boat as yours:

      As with any responsible boater, check your local regulations for dumping practices. Please don't dump at sea unless its absolutely needed.

      Happy boating!
      2001 Bayliner Ciera 2455