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VOLVO 10 spline to 26 spline yoke swap PLEASE HELP-gctid749383

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    VOLVO 10 spline to 26 spline yoke swap PLEASE HELP-gctid749383

    Hello, I have a 84 Capri that originally had an aq125 with a 270 out drive. The last week I swapped out the 4cylinder and put a 350 Chevy in it. I have everything swapped in and ready to go in the engine area the only thing that is holding me up is the new flywheel cover for the 350 has a 26 spline shaft on the out drive side where my old flywheel cover for the 125 had a 10 spline shaft. So my question mainly is that would anyone have a 26 spline yoke or know someone that would that would be willing to sell and ship it to me so I can swap mine out and get on the water soon?? I hope I can find someone that does. Been to all the local yards and no one can come across one. Thank you!!

    The picture is the splines I need but I only need yoke!

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    Add Volvo to the thread title and Rick will help.

    Starting with the old 4 cylinder gear ration is probably not correct for a V8
    1997 Maxum 2400 SCR 5.7LX Bravo II



      You will need a new outdrive, or at least a lower unit.
      Matt Train
      BOC Site Team
      Chicagoland, IL


        Thank you for the reply. I know I will need a new lower unit eventually. I am just wanting to get it back on the water with the v8 to make sure everything is good to go. Just need to find someone with a 26 spline yoke. That's the hard part