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New member planning a boat restoration.-gctid731893

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    New member planning a boat restoration.-gctid731893

    Hi everyone,

    I have just joined this forum as I am getting back to boating, well getting the boat back together! Mods, if this thread should be in another area please feel free to move, and apologies!

    I have had a Bayliner 1850 Capri 4.3L V6 2001 with a swim platform.

    I purchased the boat in 2007, it was in pretty good shape mechanically, it just required the gimbal bearing replaced, and some cosmetic work, but overall it was great.

    In 2010, one day while warming the boat up in the water, I noticed that the tapperts were very noisy.

    After investigation, the engine had taken on water. We had the engine overhauled, full ring and bearing replacement, but we still could not find the source of the water. It has the single piece manifolds, so I think I will have to fork out for the new type modular manifold risers.

    So I have a few questions, and could really do with some advice and help, if you don't mind. I will give an outline what needs to be done, and hopefully using your experience I can make sensible decisions.

    I have been involved in boating for over 10 years, am very mechanically minded. I have restored a classic car before, so I am not afraid to get stuck in. I am merely trying to get as much advice as possible before I go into this project and try to use your experience as much as possible. I have a good working knowledge of this boat including the engine, but to be honest I have no experience with the outdrive and always give this to a professional to service.

    So firstly, the engine.

    Fully rebuilt, I think I just need the new manifolds. ££££££

    Throttle cables.

    These are a bit stiff. The boat has been sitting for obey 5 years now, so is there a way of lubricating these cables? Or is it better to replace them?


    The steering was always a bit stiff. I have read that this could be the main steering pin that could be rusty, and should be replaced with a stainless pin. Or it could just be the cables. Any thoughts? Same question re the cables.

    Out drive.

    It has an alpha one gen 2 drive. Always worked, no real problems. But with being sitting idle for 5 years, is a rebuild required/advised?


    So at the moment the boat has a tall cover from the front window, to the frame about half way back, and then the rear cover to the rear of the boat. There is a separate cover for the bow. The problem we have is that when we want to take the cover down, when wrapped around the frame, it won't fit under the rear flap over the engine as designed. I bought this cover new from a custom cover supplier in the USA. The frame only has two fixing points one either side of the boat, so when it is disconnected from the window, the frame does not stay up.

    I am thinking of getting a new bar for the frame to make a second point of contact each side, so the frame will stay up on its own we could then wrap the cover around the frame, and have a zipped bag type cover to hold it in place like the binmi covers.

    Any thoughts?


    So with planning a pretty full tidy up, I was thinking of fitting a second battery. Currently it has one battery, through a master key, to supply the entire system. I would like to add a second battery, and have one purely for the engine, and the second for the radio, fish finder etc.

    Here is what I am thinking. Fit a new isolator switch with 1 2 and both selectors, and just wire them direct to the switch. Start on bat 1, and when the battery is charged, switch to both, so as to charge both batteries. When both full, just leave it on 1, so when starting and stopping the engine for water skiing etc, it will only discharge one battery. Then when we drop anchor, switch to 2 and even if this goes flat, switch to 1 to start, and repeat the process as above.

    Is this even possible? What are the design flaws to this type of installation? I don't want to have complex and expensive split charging systems, as it's just more to go wrong.

    Dash panel.

    Currently I have the following instruments.

    Large instruments



    Small instruments

    Fuel gauge

    Trim gauge

    Temp gauge

    Oil press gauge.

    I was thinking of adding in a ammeter and voltmeter to the instrument panel. If I just had one of each, would this show the current flow and voltage for the selected battery? What would happen if it was on both batteries?

    I also want to fit an hour meter to keep track of the engine hours since rebuild. This engine is like new, completely rebuilt in a mercruiser machine shop. Would you recommend just fitting it to ignition on time, or from the alternator so as to see engine running time only?

    If possible, then I would need two new spaces. However I have seen a gauge online that combines fuel, oil press, water temp and volts.

    So if I fitted this, then I would save two spaces, so the hour meter and ammeter would fit into the current panel.


    Overall the boat is in good shape, with the seats and cushions taken out and stored in dry storage. The carpet is pretty dirty and a bit worse for wear. I was thinking of taking up he carpet, sanding the ├░eck which is in good condition, and fibre glassing the deck, and adding a gel coat to the surface, and fitting snap in carpets that can be removed when not in use. I have seen a video on YouTube where a us guy did the same while rebuilding a sea ray. Any thoughts?


    To be honest, I have no idea how this works, all I can find is the wiring diagram in the service manual. Can anybody point me to a dummies guide to how this system works?

    I realise there are a lot of questions, sorry for taking us so much time, but I am a firm believer of planning before I even take the boat out of the garage.

    Any advice is very much appreciated.


    Welcome to the forum!!
    1987 3818 Hino 175
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      Welcome mate. Good first post. Looking forward to following your updates.



        Yea I will put up some pics when I get a chance to get to the boat again. It's a flight away in storage.

        Hopefully I will get to start in a few months, once I have a plan, and funds made available! Part of me is thinking of buying a small 17-19ft speed boat just to get back into the water, but this will delay things, so I will wait and see.

        Looking forward to some of your ideas, let's see what comes up.



          Hi everyone,

          I have been in contact with Bayliner, and they have sent me a few pages of a us marine boat build book. It shows the stringers and wood layout and the deck.

          Would anyone know if this manual is online anywhere? Or does anyone have any contacts of Bayliner employees who would know where to get a copy?

          Many thanks


            So having spent the last few months planning, buying parts, and getting ready to start a rebuild, I have discovered a problem with the transom. It looks like the bottom of the transom is starting to rot. So this changes the plan a bit. I am not sure if it is worth spending the money, as I will have to remove the floor and stringers to repair it. And I am afraid the stringers will need replacement.

            I have bought the gauges, so the only other expensive item is the exhaust manifolds. But the wood, fibreglass etc will be expensive and time consuming.

            I have a friend who works with fibreglass, he is doing me a quote for materials, to see what sort of money it will cost to rebuild.

            Let's wait and see.

            So the build is delayed for a while, my current garage will not be big enough to do this type of work, we are moving house or hoping to in the future, but probably about a year off, so I think it will be on the long finger.

            Has anyone ever done this before?



              welcome to the forum looking forward to seeing your progress ,there is a lot of guys that have some really good advice here and glad to share with fellow bayliners

              welcome, Dennis
              1988 flybridge trophy bayliner 2556 ,mercury 5.7 lit. OMC cobra out drive 76 hrs. on new package,
              located in ketchikan ak,name DOMINION