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    New member from Denmark-gctid697577

    Hi my name is Rene and i have just bought my first Bayliner , one 3288 I 'm really happy to have bought the boat at a reasonable price.

    I come from Denmark and I sail with my famile holiday and enjoy tours around Denmark.

    my English is not so good so I hope you understand what I write .

    Welcome Rene,

    The 3288 is a nice boat. You will find many friends on this site who also own the same boat and can share their expertise.

    Is Crispy the name of your boat?

    Post photos of you boat when you have time.

    Glad to have you in the club.

    Be safe.


      Welcome Aboard Rene. I hope you enjoy your 3288 as much as I do my 3218. Don't worry about what you write. I'm sure we can figure it out.

      At times us English speaking/writing people don't understand what other English speaking/writing people post on here either so you are in the right place.

      Again Welcome Aboard
      Frostbite Falls, Minnesota
      Claudia V. III
      1988 - 3218
      Gas Drives


        Welcome to the forum!!

        I agree your English is fine!!

        I believe there are a few members on here from Denmark.

        Does your 3288 have gas engines or the Hinos?
        1987 3818 Hino 175
        "Knotty Girl"
        Prince Rupert B.C.


          Hi Yes boat called Crispy , it is with 150 hp Hino diesel. It is winter in Denmark and the boat is on land. I will take some more pictures when the boat is being prepared for the spring. Google translate is your friend .

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            Welcome Aboard !

            I don't speak English that well ether and lived in the USA my whole life.
            Be good, be happy, for tomorrow is promised to no man !

            1994 2452, 5.0l, Alpha gen. 2 drive. Sold ! Sold ! Sold !

            '86 / 19' Citation cuddy, Merc. 3.0L / 140 hp 86' , stringer drive. Sold ! Sold ! Sold !

            Manalapan N.J


              Welcome aboard Captain!

              Winter over here also although very mild for the time.

              Countdown for spring has already started!
              CapMartin, Montr├®al
              "Belle de Dalhousie"
              1986 3270
              Volvo BB225B


                Hi We usually here in November to have around 0 degrees. but the temperature has not been much less than 10 degrees so far. So it is fine possible to work on the boat so that it is ready for spring.



                  Welcome Rene. Glad you found the BOC site. :cheer: You can get as much or as little as you want here.. Don't worry about being understood .My awesome friends to the south cant spell either and their pronunciation is humorous to boot. eh!


                    Welcome to our club Rene, I don't speak good English and I am English...I think...nice boat Marty :whistle:


                      Hi thanks for the fine reception here on BOC . It's really a great help to find answers to problems and you can feel that the members are very dedicated to their boats. I am looking to get as much information about my lovely 3288 as possible here as there are not many 3288 in Denmark . And it is impossible to buy spare parts here that fits .


                        OK Rene the "Sailing Dane",

                        The pressure is on you!

                        We expect to see photos of Crispy cruising by rows of wind turbines sprouting from the sea....fields of tulips...or whatever.

                        That's the price of of your boat and area you boat in.

                        I am in picture crowded LA freeways.....and in the middle of the chaos....some fool towing a boat.

                        That fool is me.


                        Be safe


                          Hi i think i will take the pressure at littel off and post some pictures From our holiday here in summer . We sailed for 3 weeks around in Denmark . try typing the coordinates from my GPS into your computer so you can see where we sail . There is also a picture of windmills as you would see :-) They are everywhere

                          Our old boat was a Norwegian Skagerrak 920 with a Volvo Penta TMD31A -L , lovely but expensive engine . I'll take some more when Crispy coming back into the water .


                            Nice pictures . Thank you .


                              Nice pics cheers, have a good Christmas ...