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    New to BOC-gctid696252

    Hello to all,

    I am the owner of a 2000 ST Bayliner 2855 Ciera Sunbridge, this boat was custom factory ordered in 1999 for the 2000 model year. It still retained the Bow Pulpit, and a mix of 1999 and 2000 features, we did get the CD, which 1999 was still the tape player, inside we got the new 2000 interior, disappointed we did not get the old. We ordered EVERY option Bayliner offered, which was not much, as follows: the marine A/C, windlass pre-wire and microwave, as well the 7.4L MPI option, a huge mistake not to have on this boat, these were the only options offered. We were lucky enough to find a dealer who had a build slot for this model, you can't just order one without, we also only paid 1k over raw invoice, a hard fought deal, no 15 or 20k markup as most pay. This required trips all over the US, to find a dealer who would work with us.

    Since the intended operation for this boat was Montana, the high altitude Bravo III Drive was ordered under the Merc exchange program, this unit has a different ratio than sea level units, which are delivered on all boats, as this is what they order bulk from Merc. In this program, Merc takes back the plant unit, which is shipped uninstalled to the selling dealer in a crate, and dealer installed anyway.

    The boat was constructed at the Roseburg Oregon Plant. We did not want a "Dealer Display Model" as all had been heavily boarded by lookers/dreamers who in no way could afford the boat, they showed heavy wear and soft decks, as well as boat show rash. At delivery, I had the rare joy of cutting the factory plant "Wrap" myself, and seeing how they prepare and ship the boat for dealer delivery, something no one ever sees. Because of the marine ac option, the boat came with 2 30 amp, 120 volt shore power connections, two 50 foot shore power cords, and a different ac panel, to include the marine ac breaker.

    Bayliner had just discontinued the windlass option (in 1999) due to many claims of "Issues" with the factory installed windlass, all offered was a pre-wire option, the reason there is no drop on the road, into the locker something we fight every time we weigh anchor. The dealer also ordered the macerator delete option (unknown to me) which gave him back about $250. He did this thinking I would never know. As well the dealer is supposed to plumb the hot water heater heat exchanger to the engine, they did not. When called on both these issues, he furnished the parts necessary for both, but I had to install them myself. I also ordered the boat with Merc FWC, but this was a dealer installed option, Bayliner did not offer it, 1k installed at that time, and cabin heat about $500. and dealer installed as well, located under the small seat to port at the V -berth. The factory installed marine-airrr a/c is under the forward dinette seat.

    The a/c never worked from the get go, and would freeze solid, after owning the boat like this for 3 years, I found that at the plant they had only run 4" duct from the unit, under the V-berth, to a tiny 4" splitter, where it went to the top of the counter and as well all the way back to the mid-berth, as well it was discovered the factory had crushed the insulated duct running back to the mid-berth under the galley toe kick. Very expensive, un-insulated 100% nylon crush/kink proof SIX INCH Blue duct was purchased as well as a new 6" splitter box, and run from the unit to the new 6 inch splitter box, then the 2 outlet locations, as well the mid-berth outlet was changed to 6" from 4. Instantly. not only did we have 70% more airflow, the unit no longer "Froze UP". Seems the whole problem was NOT enough air moving over the evap, so it would ice up. As well a call to Marine airrr, they told me that the unit must have min 6 inch duct. It has worked fine since, it will drive you out of the cabin.

    I upgraded the original 13 gal holding tank with a 30 gallon, after searching for one that size I could SIMPLY slide into the space of the old one, with no manifold removal. I made 2,000 amp copper busses for the positive and negative from nickel plated 2' x 1/4" copper buss stock, drilling and tapping them for 1/4-20, 3/8" & 1/2" bolts, mounting this at the rear of the engine above the drive, and now all the wires were attached, there, moved and increased the size of the battery switch to the inside of the stern compartment topside, portside, no more engine compartment opening to access the switch, moved one of the two batteries from port to starboard, installed high quality group 31 battery holdowns, battery cables were all replaced with larger, and both crimped and silver soldered lugs installed.

    I also installed a 2k pure sine wave inverter, placing a transfer switch to the a/c factory panel, so we can run all 120 VAC loads at sea, including the ac.

    Also added were 20 amp 12 VDC acc outlets in the galley, head and in the cabinet above the mid berth at the stereo.

    Upon delivery and acceptance, I installed a Blue Sea Systems DC panel, mid-berth end of the galley counter, with a DC volt and amp meter, red led breaker on indicators, then ran #6 marine cased wire from my 2,000 amp busses, to feed it, all feeds from the "CheezY' under helm fuse block were removed, new CORRECT gauge double insulated marine cable (white outer jacket, red/yellow wire colors inside) was run to all acc, and correctly labeled on the panel with the very nice illuminated backlit labels furnished with it, so the pump, cabin lights, stereo, Carbon Monoxide Detector, cabin heat etc, etc. This also took a huge load off the helm wiring which was undersized anyway. A "Quartz" hour meter was installed under the helm.

    I upgraded to a new demand style pump, that only runs as fast as the flow of water from the tap.

    At the helm I added a CP170c Standard Horizon Color GPS plotter, factory matched drive trim angle gauge (matches existing gauges and folks the wire is already there) Added a $700. remote bow light, changed all nav lighting to LED, added dual fender (P and S) double fender caddies to the bow rails, added a new Walker Bay 8 to the stern on Weaver Davits, I believe I was the first EVER to do this ! I bought a 8 foot piece of 3/4" 316 stainless steel tube, hand formed it to the ide of the WB 8, so it fit under the rim, then drilled it every foot, and using 2 inch SS Fender washers inside the hull, bolted it on, then I used the 90 degree swinging Weaver Davit and bolted them to the side of the WB 8, at the correct points, then at the top, drilled and installed two screws, the bot, I installed one, with a 2 inch SS Fender Washer, when underway in the dinghy, the davits would swing inside, the 2 triangle mating pieces, went to the shop, where the were "Braked" to 90 degrees, then they were mounted on the stern directly below the rub rail. One could sit in the Dinghy, load it while it was securely attached, no tipping or danger, the sit down and with both hands reach and pull the release, and you were away, arriving back you simply leaned or made the dinghy list, drove up and when in place leaned and the dinghy would self latch back on, ingenious of course, and at the time Weaver offered next to nothing, there were no 90 degree, catches, only top mount, there was no Walker Bay kit, as now.

    And of course an English Lewmar Windlass was fitted with a rope/chain Gypsy. At least 8k at the time was spent to commission this boat, with me doing all the work. This boat was never water stored, and kept in a custom built garage for it, it was ordered with an EZ-Loader trailer, another custom order, something they as well don't do. It was ordered with 16.5 tires/wheels and the factory spare option, something the dealers never order. It was also ordered with surge brakes, both the 16.5 tries and wheels and surge brakes were a HUGE mistake ! (EZ-Loader only puts 15 tires and wheels on all their trailers, I have maybe the only one ever produced from the factory with 16.5 tires/wheels) About 8 years ago, all the parts and new drums were ordered to convert to electric brakes, as well the "Original" style tongue was ordered from Ez-Loader that would have came if I ordered electric brakes, it bolted right on, at the same time the 16.5 inch Steel "Spoker" wheels were replaced with 16" aluminum mags (5) (saving hundreds of pounds) and 16 inch radial premium ride truck tires were installed. (folks that's another story NEVER buy trailer tires, they blow out, they will beat your cargo to death, as NONE are ride engineered, they are junk, if a car or truck tire fails, your life is in danger, tire makers know this, if a trailer tire fails, oh well buy another)

    As well the trailer was rewired with double insulated wire all soldered and heat shrunk, (eliminating all those problems, of non-working lights forever) and all LED lights installed, as well as 50% more markers added, I can light the trailer all the way around with a 9 volt radio battery, try that with the old style filament lamps !

    At present this boat has just exactly 400 hours showing, (today) it looks showroom new, as does the drive. The oil & filter was changed every 25 hours with merc 25/40 since new, OR once a season, that was usually only 4, 8 or 15 hours. as well drive oil was changed with the merc high perf drive oil every 25 hours OR once a season, whichever was first. As well I pull the drive myself once a season, splines are lubed via the grease zerks on the plate at rear of engine. you can not smear grease on the splines, and do a good job. All the correct merc greases and lubes are used. When merc cheapened down their oil filters about 8 years back, I went Napa Gold, I still use the merc gas filter, it gets replaced at winter store once a season. Coolant in the FWC, gets changed every two years, with distilled water and Prestone.

    Every use the boat was trailered, flushed and stored inside, winter the flush muffs went on and using a pump, the boat was started, a submersible pump in a plastic tote dedicated for this purpose containing 6 gallons of Prestone 50/50 with distilled water, the boat was run till the tote was almost empty then shut off, as well a generous dose of marine "Sta-Bil" was added to the tank, and pre'filled the gas filter, as well with a mix, this was of course prior to the run to operation temp, to change the oil, and winterize the drive, in the spring the coolant in the drive/heat exchanger was collected and tossed.

    This is why I run from most used boats, it costs A LOT of money to own them, and far more to maintain them right ! We are now retired living in Mexico, our boating is on the Sea of Cortez, prior to our retiring here 5 years ago, we spent our weekends all summer long aboard this boat, (Montana Lakes) then for 2-3 weeks a summer, always August we would either trailer the boat from Montana to Lake Powell OR Seattle, if Seattle we would go to La Conner, then onto Sucia Island in the San Juan's, then False Creek Vancouver, then north to Smugglers Cove, then Chatterbox falls or Desolation Sound. We are "HOOK" boaters only and not marina tramps ! To many are afraid to anchor out.

    This is my story and I'm sticking to it ! Some names have been changed to protect the guilty ! oH I forgot to add, about 5 years ago we upgraded to a Walker Bay 10, as the kids grew, and we grew more "Rotund", but the 8 was a much better fit for the 2855. Snorkeling here is great folks, and so are the anchorages, anyone here, OR wanting to trailer your boat here, to boat the Sea of Cortez I can help, and we can maybe get together, Thanks ! We have had the greatest times of our life on this 2855, the boating life rocks, and until you have one you can stay on, you are missing out !

    Welcome to the BOC.

    Thank you for the extensive history.
    Jim McNeely
    New Hope a 2004 Bayliner 305 Sunbridge Express Cruiser
    Twin 5.7s with Bravo2 drives
    Brighton, Michigan USA
    MMSI # 367393410


      Welcome Aboard !
      Be good, be happy, for tomorrow is promised to no man !

      1994 2452, 5.0l, Alpha gen. 2 drive. Sold ! Sold ! Sold !

      '86 / 19' Citation cuddy, Merc. 3.0L / 140 hp 86' , stringer drive. Sold ! Sold ! Sold !

      Manalapan N.J


        Welcome to the forum. :P
        Slightly modified 2859 6.5 Diesel Bravo III X drive
        96 Dodge 5.9 5 speed Gear vender OD.


          Welcome! What great detail and story.

          In 1994 we bought our first boat brand new, a 2855 with the 7.4 and Bravo 3. We absolutely loved that boat and cruised many summers through the San Juans, Gulf Islands, Princess Louisa, Desolation Sound on the hook and on the docks. We added a portable generator to make sure we didn't run our batteries down while anchoring.

          We have, and love our 2001 4788 but the Admiral often mentions that if we ever went smaller she would love to have another 2855.

          Mexico sounds interesting!
          Jerome Robbins
          Vice Commodore, Fidalgo Yacht Club
          Anacortes, WA

          2001 Bayliner 4788
          Twin 370 Cummins

          Previously owned:1994 Bayliner Ciera 2855 454 V8-7.4L
          1994 Bayliner Classic 2252 V6-5.2L


            Welcome to the club, lots of great guys here, loved the details on the boat, have fun ,Marty. :whistle:


              Welcome to the forum!!
              1987 3818 Hino 175
              "Knotty Girl"
              Prince Rupert B.C.


                Thanks all, for the welcome. Hope not to much detail, my wife always sez "keep it down to the readers digest Version at least" , we have a house here on the ocean in Mexico, we see the ocean, islands and palms every day, one thing here you can bank on, it will be sunny and hot tomorrow, the year round ! I own no coat and only shorts and flip-flops, yes really ! It's a Jimmy Buffet thing. Mexico IS very interesting, for those who asked, if you want to see my boating Google Honeymoon Cove Loreto, or check out the La Paz area islands.

                Cheers Mates and Happy Boating !


                  "Dirk" post=696416 wrote:
                  Thanks all, for the welcome. Hope not to much detail, my wife always sez "keep it down to the readers digest Version at least" , we have a house here on the ocean in Mexico, we see the ocean, islands and palms every day, one thing here you can bank on, it will be sunny and hot tomorrow, the year round ! I own no coat and only shorts and flip-flops, yes really ! It's a Jimmy Buffet thing. Mexico IS very interesting, for those who asked, if you want to see my boating Google Honeymoon Cove Loreto, or check out the La Paz area islands.

                  Cheers Mates and Happy Boating !
                  Dirk sounds like a day in November looking over the cliffs of Dover towards France. But I have a good imagination. Mexico sounds awesome mate, you are so lucky.....Marty :whistle:



                    thanks, we were in Sweden this spring for 3 weeks, taking in my Viking Ancestry, boating is in my blood ya know ! It was a very cold spring there ! Hey anytime you want out of the freezer and damp darkness, jump a plane and come on over, serious all ! Not to many weeks ago we spent 5 days on the water out of La Paz, swam with 5-8 meter Whale Sharks, they were everywhere, we swam with at least 8 or 9. Snorkeled so, so ,so many colorful tropical fish, dozens and dozens of colors and sizes, trumpet fish too ! squid, octopie and the likes, lionfish you name it, as well as sea lions coming up and looking you right in the face from 2 inches away, someone has to do it, not to mention the coral, all with the boat anchored feet away, AND no crowds, Mojito's my signature drink, after (Yes I actually studied in La Habana) Cheers !