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Tough way to wake up at 4 am

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    Tough way to wake up at 4 am

    Dockmate lost his boat. He and his dog are fine and only minimal damage to the boat next to his. Cause of the fire has not yet been determined but PLEASE check your electrical connections for corrosion especially if you are using electric heaters. Be safe out there!

    This is especially critical during cold weather. I do not know the statistics, but suspect that overloaded electrical connection fires are a major cause of fires.

    where are we right now​​​​​​???​


      Considering most of us use electricity to heat our boats, it is a very good idea to check your electric connections regularly during the winter.

      Every day I feel the shore power connection at both ends. (I also use dielectric grease on the connectors)
      Weekly I check the back of the shore power connection for heat or signs that it has heated up.
      Periodically I unplug my heater and check the plug and outlet for signs of heat build up.

      Also make sure you have enough smoke detectors and they are working.

      Stay warm and safe!
      Scott Jones
      Sea Ray 440 Aft Cabin
      Liveaboard Start Date 1/May/16


        We have seen far too many boats burn in our marina and the surrounding marinas. We almost lost ours a couple of years after we purchased her. I happened to be outside cleaning up some metal with Naval Jelly and came in to let it sit. After about 15 minutes went back out to check it and our shore power cord was on fire. The flames were about 2-3 feet high running up the 4x4 that is one of the dock roof supports that I had the line running along. If I had not been working on that project when I was, I would not have known we had a fire until it was way too late as we keep the blinds closed.
        Thankfully, there was no damage to the boat at all or the marina support. This was the third shore power cord that we had issues with but the first two ended in only burnt lugs.
        After this, I replaced everything with Smart Plugs and have been very happy with them. Not a single issue in the last 5-6 years.

        The thing that scares us about boat fires is how fast they can spread and how many boats can go up as collateral damage. Not long ago the Shelter Bay Marina in La Conner had a boat fire that took out a lot of boats. Lets face it, once fiberglass catches is burns very hot. Add to this our fuel tanks, propane tanks, etc and they are a real fire concern.


          A good way to avoid electrical fire is get a infrared thermometer gun and take readings on your connections, breakers, etc. Another use for the gun is reading your engine's exhaust ports, to see if all cylinders are equal, and various bearings like alternator, shaft seal and so on. Harbor Freight sells one for about $25. Click image for larger version

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