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    Clean air

    Cold air is approaching so the windows are getting closed a little more each cold night. How do you keep the air from getting stagnant without losing heat out the open portholes?

    My heating system brings in some fresh air. I also have dehumidifiers.

    where are we right now​​​​​​???​


      You have to change the inside air. Otherwise all the moisture from showers, cooking, and breathing stays inside. If you use a humidity meter, you'll find a boats inside is often more humid than the outside in the rain. That creates mold, mildew and can hurt electrical and electronic items. Your clothes, bedding and other material becomes damp, cheap zippers and snaps rust.
      The best way to keep warm and have low humidity is some type of stove/heater that burns fuel other than propane. A by-product of propane burning is moisture (besides the danger). With a stove/heater you're continually replacing moist air. Many fishing boats run a diesel stove 24/7. One way to improve heating is to warm the incoming air with the stove/heater exhaust.With a double wall stove pipe, the exhaust goes up the middle and the incoming air comes in between the inside pipe and the outside pipe.


        Thanks Lepke. I have a dehumidifier but it's pretty big and I really didn't see a difference in air quality. My wife purchased an air cleaner for me at Costco, so I'm giving that a try. I am a part time liveaboard. I stay on the boat for my work week (3 nights) and home for the other 4. I don't like stale air especially after I have made a meal. Unfortunately/fortunately, I'm in a boat house so running my diesel heater may not be good for my longevity.

        I have my little low watt 'pancake' dehumidifiers placed throughout the boat to aid in dehumidity process in lieuw of the home size dehum.

        We are a 'windows open' family and love fresh air whether boat or house. However, last winter was my first time and I want to be more judicious in power usage but I enjoy being warm-with fresh air. This may prove to be an evolving living environment for me.