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Do you use “special” oil???

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    Originally posted by michel View Post

    funny, my cummins factory does recommend using synthetic, but with a stern warning, if you change to synthetic, never go back to non synthetic.
    HHMMM...wonder if it depends on who answers the phone at Tech Support......

    As long as it meets Cummins' CES specs for your engine it looks like it wouldn't matter...

    The Valvoline Premium Blue Synthetic says "Approved or Recommended for applications where Cummins CES 20086, Mack EOS-4.5, Volvo VDS-4.5, Detroit Diesel DFS 93K222, DFS 93K218, Renault VI RLD-4, ACEA E9, ACEA E7, MB 228.31, Ford WSS-M2C171-F1, Caterpillar ECF-3, or Chrysler MS-10902 are specified"...
    1988 '38 "Liberty"
    Cummins 6BT'S 210hp
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      Originally posted by michel

      I really like that idea, especially for the generators. 300 hours is not very long if you run it a lot on the hook. Changing oil is one of those very annoying tasks for me, between getting the stuff and disposing of it in particular, anything that would give me more freedom is worth a look. Any tips on brand/type lepke?
      I use a centrifuge by these guys:
      They're also sold on ebay.
      I use a 3000g model. It will clean oil or fuel. The slower the oil enters the centrifuge, and is spun longer, the cleaner it comes out. I have all my engines, 2 mains, 2 generators, pans plumbed into a central pipe that leads to a gear pump and then to a storage tank I can heat. Usually after a run and somewhere near 50 hours since the last centrifuge, I pump the mains and maybe a generator into the tank. After the oil is in the storage tank I let it drain into the centrifuge thru a valve to control the flow. The oil is cleaned to near new transparency. I catch the output in a couple gallon pitchers. I haven't made return plumbing yet. From the pitchers I return the oil. as needed. When I take oil samples, I have a valve on the engine I can draw oil when the engine is running. I use to keep the oil from each engine separate, but never had a bad test and use the same oil (Delo 100) in all the engines. The process from draining to having oil back in the engines takes 30-45 minutes. I change the oil filters once a year. I cut them open to inspect the element for debris.
      I started using the centrifuge before rebuilding the mains. PO wasn't very good at maintenance and I wanted to get the oil passages clean before the new parts. Now I go 10-20 hours with semi-transparent oil before the soot builds up and turns it black.
      I also drain my diesel pu once a year and centrifuge.


        Our DDs only get Delo 100. It seems to "just work" and that's all they've ever gotten. So I'm not changing a thing!


          Thanks Lepke, gives me a good place to start figuring out what will work on my setup.