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IRAN War Powers Limitation resolution

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    IRAN War Powers Limitation resolution

    With the Senate passing a version of a resolution prohibiting the Commander and Chief of the US military from taking any military action against Iran without congressional approval, it looks like the president will have a bill to veto on his desk soon.

    What do you think about this?

    The constitution clearly names the US president as the commander and chief of the US military.
    The constitution also clearly reserves the right of congress to declare war.

    My opinion is that if allowed to become law this resolution could hamper our US military to even defend itself from Iranian military forces.

    There is already a war powers act in place that requires the president to notify congress within 48 hours of committing US troops to a military operation and limits military operations to 60 days without congressional approval.

    In my opinion the latest war powers limitation, although it will not become law, could put our military forces in harms way, and would also probably prove to be unconstitutional in nature.

    where are we right now​​​​​​???​

    Being a Canadian, I don’t want to say too much. But, what type of signal does that send to Iran ? Does it say they don’t have to worry as much because the president of the USA has his hands tied ?
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      Mixed opinion. The current Senate resolution should be vetoed but we should also deactivate any active AUMFs that can not be justified for use today. The 2002 AUMF was used for actions that were not justified under Obama.
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