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Is this a good indication of what voter turnout will be for our President?

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  • TX H210 SS
    Speaking personally, after watching the upstream crap creek Trump has been swimming for 4 years, I can't wait to cast my vote for him.

    I really feel we are fortunate to have someone willing to take on all comers in Washington. In my eyes he has busted it to fulfill what he promised.

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  • baylineguy
    It is reallly amazing there was such a high turnout for Trump considering that he is un-opposed and they could have just stayed home.
    I also heard turnout was lower for Democratic voters and their vote was widely split among the candidates so that also doesn't look good for them either.

    I smell a landslide win for Trump in the coming election.

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  • Don9
    Yes, the primaries show it and more obvious is the turn out at all Trump rallies. They are breaking attendance records including the last one in New Hampshire where the overflow crowd had an overflow.

    We have never in our history seen a response from the people for a Presidential candidate like we see with President Trump ... it is historic.

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  • ksanders
    My opinion is that Trump has pleased pretty much all middle to conservative minded people with his actions.
    Couple that with a strong economy and you have a recipe for high pro trump voter turnout.

    With the democrats not having any offerings that excite very many, the opposite is likely true for their turnout.

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  • Is this a good indication of what voter turnout will be for our President?

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