The rules for the political section are simple. Be nice. The same rules apply here as in any other BOC forum.

We do not all agree on all boating issues, but we seem to be able to discuss them while being nice. The same concept applies here.

If you do not agree with someone, post why but be nice.

If someone is not nice to you, let us know and be nice. We will deal with it. If you choose not to be nice then you will become part of the problem and you will both have to be dealt with.

We could write out a whole list of rules but if we do that then someone will push the line and claim they were’s breaking any rules.

So, one rule...BE NICE!

What is nice? Nice is what you would say to someone in person, face to face at work. That is nice.

What is not nice? Well, here are some examples of not being nice.

Cussing at people is not very nice.
Calling people stupid for what they believe is not nice.
Insinuating or outright calling someone a racist for supporting or not supporting illegal immigration policies is not nice.
Belittling someone because they are from a certain country is not very nice either.

Those are a few examples of not being nice, but of course is not all inclusive.

We the BOC management are committed to remove in a reasonable timeframe after electronic notification by the copyright holder any copyrighted material. We will also remove in a reasonable timeframe any material that has been reported to us to be slanderous, or illegal in nature.