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California Homeless Problem

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    Originally posted by Douggy View Post

    Not if the occupants agree to the terms of agreement. A temporary housing program should include a treatment for addiction program and job skills program that requires success to continue temporary housing. It could also include a job search and placement program at the end. People who are not successful should be removed from the program after a few attempts to help them get on track.
    I guess in theory I can agree with that, I just don't think a terms of agreement is going to work on addicts who would literally sell their kidney to get high again.

    But what you say makes sense.
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      Originally posted by Download_Complete View Post


      We don't have problems with terrorism right now. We have a "wall" courtesy of homeland security. But that's for another thread.

      I doubt the wall will help with drug trafficking because I don't think the issue is getting drugs through the border. I believe they are coming in through other means - like planes, boats, and other forms of border crossing. But we would need someone from DEA or another expert to come in and weigh in on that, since I don't think anyone knows the true avenues for drug trafficking.
      Drugs are coming thru by tunnels, boats, submarines, ultralights, mail, cargo containers, body carriers, old ladies, backpackers across the desert, stolen trucks across the desert, stolen boats in the Caribbean etc. etc. etc.
      It all depends on how valuable the commodity is and how sophisticated the organization is.
      Cheap Mexican marijuana is still coming by the ton across the deserts and mountains of the southern border. Backpackers are still bringing it in 50lbs at a time.
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      • Download_Complete
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        Yep. And we already have agencies charged with policing that.

      • Douggy
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        But do they have all the resources they need to be successful?

      • Download_Complete
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        Now we are getting into some interesting questions.