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1990 2556 Fuel Tank Replacement

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    What I did with all my bolt holes and garboard drain was oversizing a little, then take a correct size bolt, wrap it in packing tape and roll wet glassfiber around it, stick that in the hole and turn the bolt back and forth to seat the glass against the wall of the hole. Let it dry, cut of excess and stick some more epoxy in there with q-tip or finger. I did the drain tubes the same way.

    At the speed you are going your boat will be in the water before mine.... And with only 10 days or less at home every month it is not going fast


      Agree, the project has been moving along quickly compared to most.
      Keep at it fly..
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        Metrodriver, thanks for the good idea. I opted to use do a coat of epoxy resin around through hulls, but i glassed in the keyhole.

        And thanks for the encouragement builderdude!

        Spent most of sunday sanding and sanding and sanding. Was not a good day. Then mixed some west system 407 with epoxy and faired out a few areas. Woke up monday morning before work and washed the cured epoxy and sanded some more. Finally monday night I got everything cleaned up, prepped, wiped down with acetone and put on the first coat of interlux interprotect 2000e. Tonight i got rhe 2nd coat on. (No sanding in between coats with this product.. best invention ever!) Next steps are let cure, sand with 80 grit. Then proceed with 2 coats interlux prekote, then will do 2 coats Bildgekote. Starting to really look like something!
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          Lookin good👍🏼

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          That looks nice!