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Bayliner 2556 interior Floor Repair

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    Bayliner 2556 interior Floor Repair

    1990 Bayliner 2556

    I knew I had a soft spot in the floor, but I figured since I replaced the transom and fuel tank last winter, then I would take this winter off and plan to address it next winter… tonight I got a little curious so I started snooping around. I looked in the forward closet and noticed something I hadnt before, so nex thing you know I started pulling up the vinyl plank flooring to see what was there.

    Someone must have had a even worse soft spot because to my surprise there are some less than professional patches to the flooring. I must say, the patches are solid as a rock, and the 2x4 frame that was built is solid as a rock.

    it definitely looks like there was some (a lot) of standing water in there at one point. But in the last 1.5 years I owned it I never had any water in the f

    My gut unstict is to start pulling it all apart and fixing it correctly, but my major hesitation is the dinette and cabinets in the way. I can’t just take them out the door to make room for repairs.

    the forward most bulkhead is in bad shape, the port side has dry rot and the flooring around port bow is all pretty dry rotted as well. Not sure what to do, or if I should limp by this summer in the current condition and then fix it next winter. I’d be much happier to have it done, but really don’t have the time to devote right now.

    Any advice on what to do with the cabinets and dinette would be much appreciated!!

    After reading your PM I looked at your past posts, not sure why I never saw this.
    Did you get this repaired? We’re you able to access the forward bilge pump by removing that patch? I’ve thought about a small hatch in that area specifically for pump access rather than crawling under the dinette.
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      Havent tackled this project yet. I decided to put it back together as-is for this season and tackle it during this upcoming winter. Which will consist of some interior upgrades, (new flooring, changing out the pink padding around the windows, and possibly changing out the carpet lining around the sette and V berth walls). I was thinking about adding a hatch as there is a lot of good space in there.
      I did change out the forward bildge pump last year. The bildge pump is actually one bulkhead back. There is a bulkhead separating the water tank from the bilge pump area, and then one more bulk head in front of that. The area you see in the photos is the forward most area. So to access the bildge pump would be more toward the stern.