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HOOK liveaboards - costs and daily routine ?-gctid761845

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    HOOK liveaboards - costs and daily routine ?-gctid761845

    Hi all, I am about to start a liveaboard experience in the PNW area .. and am curious about the lifestyle of those that "live on the hook" ..

    Q) how does your typical day evolve ? i.e. do you actually spend a good amount of time on shore ?

    Q) do you feel somewhat trapped on your boat if you are on it most of the day ?

    Q) how often do you have to run the generators to keep your batteries up ? and what does this cost in terms of fuel burn ??

    Thanks all in advance ((-:

    Lived on 30 footer on east coast for 2.5 years.Went from 3000 sq.ft. house to the boat.Biggest change how much stuff you have that WILL NOT be going with you.The first 4 weeks were hard until I found my groove.Rain or snow days you may feel cramped.I just made friends with other people at the marina who live there so those days were not so bad . Turn over the engines weekly for 30 mins. to keep batteries up.I hooked up to shorepower and water.It was part of the rent which was $250.00 a month.Make sure you pick a marina that has laundry and showers.When you find one, keep rolls of quarters on board.Over all,living on a boat will teach you that material things dont really matter.

    I will add that cleaning my boat which included windows and bilge only took 1.5 hours.She was spotless.


      You specified "HOOK" Live Aboards. Do you really mean on the hook, or are you thinking of being in a marina?

      Big difference and living "on the hook" would be nearly impossible around here. It would be a miserable vagabond sort of existence I'm afraid. There are very few moorage locations that aren't exposed heavily to the weather around here. Might be much easier in other parts of the world.
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        Somesailor is right.On the hook is a suck life.Think long and hard about it before you do it.Many areas on east coast frown on that kind of boating.Even have laws as to where you can do it and for how long you can stay.