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    Storage on board...

    Any creative storage ideas or concepts out there among the members? At only 39' long Sedan, I am trying to identify some places and methods for storing different items.
    1986 Marinette 39 Sedan after enjoying our 1984 Marinette 28
    (formerly 89 2755 5.8 OMC & 97 1850SS 4.3L Alpha I)

    If there is a panel, try removing it to see what's back there. Aboard a nearby boat, under the side decks, accessible from inside are storage spots approximately 1' deep and 10" high.

    Aboard Seaweed, under the old reefer was a closed cabinet about 8" tall and 24" x 24". It took a while to saw through 30 year old solid teak 1" thick, but I did it. My pressure cooker, along with other goods fits down there. It's not the Easiest to access, but it is a dang sight easier than going in from the locker next to it.

    I took one space that was 24" square and added cleats/made shelves.
    Click image for larger version

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    I added a shelf for my tin foil in that small area adjacent to the sink. Under the shelf, I rigged up a paper towel holder. That sounds fancier than it is. Actually, it's a small piece of teak with a couple of pieces of "small stuff" to hold the roll to the shelf bottom.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ShelfForTinFoil.jpg
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    Under my bunk was a cavern, with the bottom the bilge. That wouldn't be good for storage, so I added aluminum angle iron and created my own shelf down there. The panels come up (access to water tank, thru-hulls, etc.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	BunkShelfPanelUp.jpg
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    In my forward cabin, above my bunk is a unit for my DVDs.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	MyCabinDVDs.jpg
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    You might notice under and to the far right is a small VHF radio. I added that shelf too.
    The DVD rack was built by a friend on a Bristol 24 about 10 years ago. I still use it.

    The hidden spots (check for access, and if there isn't make some)

    Seriously, a lot is there if you're determined to find it. Being able to get into the lockers is important too. Don't overlook that.

    For instance, in my galley I have two bench seats. Access is from above. Well, that's a pain in the transom. Move pillows, cushions, etc. So, another pal made access along the passageway. I have used those two lockers almost every day of the past few years.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ToolLocker.jpg
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    Ditto the one under my bunk. Remember the shelf I built? Well, here's how I get to my stuff:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	SeahorseLocker.jpg
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    None of this is Perfect. All of it works though.
    Good luck and have fun.


      Good ones. Thank you Janice.
      1986 Marinette 39 Sedan after enjoying our 1984 Marinette 28
      (formerly 89 2755 5.8 OMC & 97 1850SS 4.3L Alpha I)


        Nothing as Fancy as Janice...

        I use stackable tubs, and use the spare stateroom that is now a storage closet.

        where are we right now​​​​​​???​