I have got to give a vey strong shout out to two guys in the Tacoma area who have really impressed me recently.

The first is Clint Harris <a href="tel:(253)[URL="tel:606-3471"]606-3471[/URL]">(253)606-3471</a>. He just removed all the factory carpet, cut in new center and port engine hatches, and recarpeted the entire boat for less than half of what I expected the job to be without new hatches. His work is impeccable but even more impressive is that he showed up when he said he would and got the job done in exactly the time frame he had stated even tho (of course- its a Bayliner 4788) he ran into a multitude of “hmmm…never seen that before” issues. He is slowly transitioning out of commercial/residential and trying to stick to boat installations because they’re more of a mental challenge than a physical one. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for new carpet- you won’t be disappointed.
Second is Tom Kychun and his crew at Kraken Marine <a href="tel:(888)[URL="tel:572-5362"]572-5362[/URL]">(888)572-5362</a>; [email][email protected][/email]. The last thing my boat needed to baseline the engines was aftercooler service. Thanks in part to the new engine room hatches the aftercoolers were off in less than 2hrs. Unfortunately one had been re-installed incorrectly and had too much salt water corrosion to be saved; but he found a very low hour replacement on an engine they had recently replaced in an insurance case. It was 40% of SBMAR’s quoted price and works perfectly. Kraken marine also shows up when they say they will and sticks to their estimates. They’re pretty busy right now but