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How to Transport Our Bayliner 2859

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  • How to Transport Our Bayliner 2859

    We're looking to have our boat trucked to Pasco, WA
    next year so we can cruise the Columbia.
    We've talked to a couple of transport companies.
    One is way expensive and the other just flat says
    they won't do it. Boat is in La Conner, WA.

    Does anyone have any suggestions how to get our
    2859 to Pasco early next May? We don't have a truck
    or a trailer.
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    and specs.

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    Seems like the elephant in the room: Trucks and trailers are expensive. Transport is expensive. Towing a heavy boat up a pretty steep pass seems like a heavy ask for friends. Buck up and pay, one way or another.
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      An actual pro is going to be expensive. Bare minimum if he's close to LaConnor he is going to be right at his 10hr commercial driver limit. It will be an oversized load one way. I would expect something in the ballpark of $3500 and that is even probably low given what prices have done recently on everything. I am not talking about Associated or other boat movers that do big boats with class 8 tractors. This will be a U-ship guy with a 350-550 class truck and probably a rented trailer.

      A moonlighter won't probably have all the insurance he should. I don't have a trailer any more, but have done odd stuff for $$ here and there. I wouldn't do this for less than ~$1500 and I would have to know you and be a "buddy rate" and some sort of road trip with said buddy.

      Anybody willing to do that run for less than that - Run

      Fuel to do that haul will be $250+
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        Take the boat yourself down the coast to the Columbia River. I think it would be a great adventure.
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          That sounds like a really bad idea. At hull speed, maybe 400 mile capacity. On plane, maybe 100, so out of the question? Just numbers out of my head. And no backup propulsion? Carry jugs of fuel? Bar crossings? yuk!

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        Thats’ s like a 5 hour drive and a little over a tank of diesel in my F250. I’d do it for you if I was still up there and had my 2859 trailer.
        Why don’t you buy a trailer?
        You could could rent it out occasionally. From my time up there I remember there were always people looking to rent trailers for the bigger boats.
        I kept my trailer even after I sold my 3288 and put the 2859 in the slip. It was great to be able to pull it out and take it to lakes.
        It was a sad day when I sold it and put it on the barge to Alaska.
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          I rented a trailer from Aurora rents when I purchased my 2556, not sure if they had any triple axle trailers but might be worth a call. Of course you’d still need a substantial tow vehicle.
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