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    I just purchased a 3870 last month and will spend this coming summer in NJ but I hope to get the boat ready for a trip to Florida for the 2018-19 winter with a trip or two to the Bahamas. Then maybe back to NJ for the 2019 summer.
    1987 3870 "Stella Maris"
    Hino 175's
    Lanoka Harbor, NJ
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      Do not forget to buy common spares.

      Bayliner 3870 "ALASKA33)
      Twin 350 GM power
      Located in Seward, AK
      Retired marine surveyor


        I'm planning to buddy boat this spring to the San Juans.
        Can't wait.
        1994 2859 in Tacoma, WA
        7.4 Mercruiser
        Still learning about other systems
        and specs.


          I’d like to do the loop but that means not cruising the Salish to the north end of Vancouver Island during the summer. I’d love to do the canals in the east, it would be really cool if I could do a snowbird kind of thing, but when it’s summer there, it’s summer here. Such a problem!
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          1972 Chevrolet Nova Frame off Resto-mod in the garage
          Boating on the Salish Sea since 1948


            Driving past Betty's Bait Shop outside of Ford Collins, CO a number of times seeing a 2550 Cierra for sale, and looking a bit run down I offered $3000 for it and got it, then thinking what are we going to do with what I thought was a big boat. It buffed out good, cleaned up the interior, with tuning and some work it runs and handles good. Took it out with the family four times this summer, stayed overnight on it a couple of times, and ya kinda get hooked. We are looking at hitting the larger reservoirs in Wyoming this summer and lake Powell late summer or early fall.
            2550 Cierra, AQ260 Volvo Penta (350 Chevy)
            Laporte, CO


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              Our first “big” boat was a 1988 2655. Loved that boat! We owned it for about 10 years and did about 6-8 trips a year at Lake Powell with our two kids. Great memories!

            My cruising dreams are all in the Caribbean where the water is warm and wrecks to dive at are plenty. Cruising boat will probably be a cat, maybe s 10m genesis, as they have a shallow draft for a sailboat. Gotta learn to sail though first...
            Just got back from 3 weeks down in SW Florida and I love the weather. Just saw this on CL but didn't get a chance to check it out. Looks like a 2556 flybridge to me, but ad says 28'?
            Former Bayliners 3218, 2859, 2252, 1952


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              The 2556 is probably 28' long, or more. My 2858 is listed as 30'6" on the title, but it's 33' slip length.

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              Definitely a 1988 2556 Trophy (or Ciera, that was around the year they switched over).

            Originally posted by green650 View Post
            My cruising dreams are all in the Caribbean where the water is warm and wrecks to dive at are plenty. Cruising boat will probably be a cat, maybe s 10m genesis, as they have a shallow draft for a sailboat. Gotta learn to sail though first...
            Just got back from 3 weeks down in SW Florida and I love the weather. Just saw this on CL but didn't get a chance to check it out. Looks like a 2556 flybridge to me, but ad says 28'?
            That is a 2556 not a big fan in rough water, This one is way to fast and heavy in the stern,
            we have a winter house on Tampa bay, I also love the weather and water, summers in Alaska at the farm and winters in Florida on Tampa bay, Florida has a big problem with live a boards on the hook (to many) and paying to dock a boat is way way big bucks, less and less places take live a boards, So we made the choice to buy a small place on open water and keep day boats,
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            since 1975


              We chartered a couple of boats in the San Juan’s 10-20 years ago and are looking forward to returning to that area aboard our boat in 2018. On one charter trip we tied up the 4788 we chartered at Rosario Resort. Just across from our slip was a well cared for mid 60’s Chris Craft 42. A fellow was rinsing it off. I asked him where he was headed? His response was “just returning from my annual trip to Desolation Sound. I’ve owned this boat for 25 years. Every year I’ve been taking it there for 6-8 weeks. I still have not seen it all”. You might say it made an impression on me!

              We would like to make at least one trip up the inland passage to Southeast Alaska. We did that in a cruise ship a few years ago. Great trip but not really our style. Too rushed. Too commercialized. We are looking forward to exploring the area a little more extensively over 3-4 months. Then maybe return the following year and year after. We will see. There’s a fellow here in Salt Lake City who spends his summers in BC and Alaska aboard his 26’ fishing boat. He’s been doing it for 20+ years. Great stories!

              After we have gotten a taste of the PNW over the course of 4-5 years, our plan is to do the great loop over the course of another 4-5 years. We want to try spending a winter or two or three in the Bahamas and south Florida as well. Maybe we ship our current boat or get another. We will cross that bridge when we get closer.

              We would also like to rent a canal boat in Europe someday. Maybe buy one to live on every summer. Might be an interesting way to see Europe.

              We also like to sail and swim in warm water. Hmmmm

              All the above is on our list. Part of the above is a little contingent on where our two daughters end up living and grand kids. You all probably know how that goes!
              2000 4788 w Cummins 370's, underhulls, swim step hull extension
              12' Rendova center console with 40HP Yamaha
              MV Kia Orana
              Currently Alameda CA


                Our longer term plans are to start the Great Loop in the summer of 2020 and spend 2 Year’s cruising. We want to explore the river systems in Kentucky and Tennessee before we head to the Gulf. Before that we’re going to cruise our home waters of the Great Lakes in the summer months and continue to make upgrades to our boat over the winters months in preparation for the Loop.

                'No Worries'
                1995 4788
                1995 26 Albemarle CC
                Lake St Clair Mi


                  .... do the Great Loop in the summer of ...
                  A few of you have posted this, we did the Loop 2014-2015 and are planning to do the Loop again in 2019/2020. Suggest you look at I'm a Harbor Host for the Upper Chesapeake, drop me an email if you have questions.

                  Yep, my 4588 Bayliner IS my happy place :whistle:


                    Kevin, this is a fun topic!

                    Like many of you, I have spent considereable time dreaming about someday cruising the Pacific North West, the Great Loop, the Bahama's and even the Mediterranean. I am guessing that these destinations will require that I buy a vessel locally and sell it when I am done. The alternative is to rent or borrow or crew on someone else's vessel. So, if anybody needs crew.....please let me know....haha. I am very happy to reciprocate.

                    I have had Memory Maker for three summers and have finally learned to operate her. One of my goals was to find out how hard it would be to locate, purchase and maintain a used boat. So far, the 4788 has turned out to be a great choice. I am confident that I can sell it when I am ready to explore a new destination. I live in the CA Delta and home port for Memory Maker is Oakland CA in San Francisco Bay.

                    In 2017, we spent about 30 nights away from port in 2-7 day increments. I spent that time making a list of projects and working out the bugs. I am finally feeling that I have learned enough to expand my horizons.

                    In 2018 I am hoping to spend 60 or more nights away from home port. We plan to stay at most of the yacht clubs in the SF Bay and explore the local neighborhoods. We will also make a point of gunkholing in the CA Delta at our favorite spots. So, if you are considering cruising the CA Delta or SF Bay, I am happy to answer questions and maybe we can go explore together. If you are thinking of visiting this area without your boat, I can always use crew on my boat or any excuse to share this unique spot in the world.

                    In 2019, I am aiming for 90 days or more on the water in 2-10 day increments. The destinations have not revealed themselves yet? I am hoping to explore places away from home. It will depend on who I meet and what opportunities appear. Maybe this forum will provide opportunities?

                    Happy New Year and safe boating to all.

                    2001 Bayliner 4788, Cummins 370's
                    Zodiac Yachtline 380, Yamaha 25hp
                    Sanger wakeboard boat
                    volunteer CA Delta tour guide


                      I know this is a far fetched dream, but it’s possible...

                      While the 4788 is a wonderful crioser, it is not a boat to cross oceans with.

                      You could ship your 4788 on a yacht transport service from the west coast anywhere in the world.

                      Yes, you could take it throught the panama canal, and thats a doable goal, but inagine usin g toyr 4788, a gloating home to explore europe for example.

                      That is doable. Yes it costs, but at some point in length of time it makes sense to ship your boat to a far off destination, for allot of reasons, not all of them financial.

                      KEVIN SANDERS
                      4788 LISAS WAY - SEWARD ALASKA


                        To add on to Kevin, for those of you on the Facebook BOC page, we have members from literally all over the world. I have, in the last year, seen actual pictures of Bayliners in Russia, Greece, Spain, the UK, Scandanavian countries, Germany, Italy, Libya (seriously, it was a 1500 Capri), Africa, The Philippines, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South America....

                        It shocks me where our boats tend to end up.
                        Matt Train
                        BOC Site Team
                        Chicagoland, IL


                          After 10 years on the Great Loop, sailing the Bahamas and living aboard with extensive river cruising, we sold our beloved 48 Tollycraft "ORINOCO" and moved back on to land in Columbus Mt. I bought a "barn find" 2650 Bayliner and have been working on her ever since. She has a single diesel Isuzu engine with a Volvo outdrive.

                          She is named "Far West" after the famous steamboat that ran from St Louis to the upper Missouri and Yellowstone up to Billings with Capt Marshin the late 1800's. Her most famous trip was carrying the wounded from the Reno battlefield (next to Little Bighorn) to Mandan SD, she had on board the only 7th Calvary survivor, Comanche, Custer's mount.

                          Just got Far West into the water once in the Yellowtail reservoir and she did ok but discovered we are propped wrong and ended up changing the outdrive gear ratio this winter. We are researching the the trip from Ft Benton Missouri to St Louis and plan to do it in two years, also make the trip from St Paul to St Louis sometime after that.

                          2650 Bayliner Explorer Express , 1980 model , single diesel; Isuza 4BDI, 280 outdrive,
                          previous boats,
                          Sea Ray 31, Tolly 48
                          Great loop completed 2006
                          10 year live aboard
                          retired to land 2015


                            I have made the trip twice from the Seattle area to South-Central Alaska.

                            The problem is that both trips were delivery style trips where I had a relativly short time off period.
                            That forced us to go go go every day, and to go in weather that was sometimes not so plesant.

                            Our next trip (which is a bit over 1500NM) will be southbund, and will take at least a month to acomplish, and probably more. Thats what cruising should be, take your time, and see things along the way.

                            That way you never see rough water, and you visit each port for long enough to enjoy whatever that town has to offer.

                            Right now this morning I am looking outside and it’s in the 20’s and icy. Yet in San Diego it will be 70 today and sunny. I think, why am I here? Why am I not sitting in my boat at a nice harbor somewhere warm, soaking up the sun, and getting exercise walking up and down the dock instead of sitting on my duff typing on a keyboard, only exercising my coffee cup lifting muscles?

                            The winters I envision are sitting in the cockpit of our boat with a nice beer or glass of wine looking at the sun set in the evening. Maybe cooking something tasty on the bbq, and using our floating second home as it should be used, a relocatable second home. We have visited several harbors in the San Diego Area. Slips are readily available at around $950 a month. Much cheaper and more comfortable than a hotel room, and I can take a dog with.

                            Southern California is an expensive crowded place to stay, yet in a harbor you are in a different world. How much would a waterfront condo cost? Compare that or hotel and airfare expenses with a boat on the water, and even the fuel to get from Alaska to there and it’s easy to see that a boat like a larger Bayliner makes a wonderful, economical snowbird destination. The coolest part is that if you get tired of one place yu just cast off your lines and head to the next harbor.

                            KEVIN SANDERS
                            4788 LISAS WAY - SEWARD ALASKA