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    1984 Contessa Command Bridge Glass-gctid818795

    I recently acquired an 84 Contessa Command Bridge from my wife's grandfather. At some point I guess he underestimated the height of the boat on a trailer and broke the wind screen up top. I've done some calling around and can't find one so far. Anybody have any ideas of where to find something like that?

    This is the acrylic windscreen, yes? It's called a venturi. It was broken on nearly every 2556 I looked at while shopping. Talking with the owners, when the boat rocks and people up up there try to grab something to steady themselves, their first reaction is to grab the venturi, which subsequently breaks. One owner even went so far as to custom fab and install an aluminum grab rail across the entire top of the venturi.

    Companies I've seen mentioned who can make it for most (all?) Bayliners include Middy Plastics in Redmond, WA, UPD Plastics in Davie, FL, and I think some place in Wisconsin. UPD has the best web presence, but shipping from Florida can cost almost as much as the venturi.

    If the break is clean and small and you have all the pieces, you can try solvent welding it.

    The solvent is sold as Weld-On and contains Methylene Chloride which is the stuff in stronger paint stripper. Do not breathe in the fumes (use a respirator or do this outside standing upwind), don't let any spill on your skin. Weld-On #2 is a more watery version, #16 is a gel-like version which gives you more working time. #4 is the middle version. I used #4, but I think #16 would work better for breaks (not straight lines) because it's almost impossible to line up perfectly. You will need a bunch of clamps because it'll take a good 30-60 minutes to completely set. And because the surfaces are curved clamping might actually be impossible and you'll have to stand out there holding it.

    The bond I got was surprisingly strong, but nowhere near as strong as an intact piece. And the break is still visible when ideally it should become invisible (like I said it's almost impossible to perfectly line up the pieces). So I would suggest this only for small breaks which don't traverse the entire height of the venturi (i.e. chips and cracks).
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      Thank you for the name of the part and the people to contact. Middy Plastics is a couple hour drive from me and when I talked to them they told me they were the people that made them for Bayliner.

      Got a new one being fabricated now an I should have it in a couple weeks.


        Let us know how it turns out!!
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