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My car insurance company sent me a check

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    My car insurance company sent me a check

    This was unexpected. My car and homeowners insurance is due so I get three letters from the company, I was expecting two? Turns out they sent me a check as a rebate due to "The governor's safer-at-home order has meant fewer cars on the road, fewer accidents, and fewer automobile claims filed."

    So they calculated 24% of two months of my auto premium which came out to 30 bucks. They also lowered my car insurance for the next six months but then they have been lowering my insurance because were good drivers.

    My homeowners insurance went up a little as did my property taxes due to home values going up here. Some areas of Tennessee are going through an economic boom because people have had enough and are leaving the big "high tax" and "high cost of living" states and moving to places like Tennessee. Nashville is going through a big boom and becoming the big entertainment city. Here in the more rural areas I see new houses being built all over and manufacturing moving operations here, many from abroad.
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    I received a rebate check too. $36 whopping bucks! Better than nuthin!
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