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Doomsday Bunker for Sale in Vegas --- It's a Steel at 18 Mil

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    Doomsday Bunker for Sale in Vegas --- It's a Steel at 18 Mil

    Ever wonder what a rich prepper's house looks like?
    Property Details

    The famous Las Vegas Underground House is only 2 miles east of the center of the Las Vegas Strip. This unique 14,620 sqft concrete & steel doomsday bunker was designed to survive cataclysmic events in comfort. The Bunker looks like a large home in a yard with pool, spa, trees, guest house, BBQ & fountain and is surrounded by 500 linear feet of floor to ceiling Murals of city & mnt views with lighting that simulates day, dusk & dawn.

    It's all a dream
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    Well, it does come with a brass pole.
    I wonder if any improvements were made by the current owner that bought it less than 5 years ago for only 1.15 million. Pretty sure they didn’t put 16.85 million into it...

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