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    2018, I wanna kinda file it away already......

    Too many life events happened for this old turd ball to really get his sea legs comfortable.
    With retiring, I thought my life would get easier, NOT.
    Fighting old employer over monies due me, and then committing to "part time" work in the service industry (working with customers) Geez, I forgot how unrealistic their demands are, to getting a bigger boat, only to find its BIGGER than my ability, sucking that event up, to last week, burying my only brother, who was just 13 months older than me......SMOKING folks, stop or quit it NOW, down in southern California.

    I just got back, and will leave again in a couple days to return, to spend the rest of the year with my children in So Cal......

    I am hoping the seas settle down a wee bit in 2019.

    BTW, you guys here made the year a little better, with your generous support, THANK YOU, I am a better sailor for it!

    Be safe, be loved, and see you next year....keep your dock lines snug all, PEACE!

    Thanks Eddie. Sorry to hear about your brother, I have lost a few relatives from smoking as well. Hope you have a great time with the family.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
    1997 Maxum 2400 SCR 5.7LX Bravo II



      Merry Christmas and a Happy and Better New Year
      It's all a dream
      '03 245 5.7/BIII & '06 175


        Merry Christmas brother! So sad about your brother but I know you’ll relish and cherish your kids! The very best to you in the upcoming year!
        Jim Gandee
        1989 3888
        Hino 175's
        Fire Escape


          Thank you all........very much.
          Jimmie, my brother, was suppose to come visit in 2019, a humpy year......
          He usually takes back so many fish, he feeds the neighborhood with fresh salmon.
          Well, the good news is, next year, more will get to spawn