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  • Georgia and Tennessee Members, Get Ready NOW!-gctid824074

    Hi gang,

    The latest predictions show Irma tracking into the middle of Georgia on Monday and Tennessee by Tuesday. Today would be the day to hit the stores and stock up on bottled water and food you can eat without a working stove or microwave. Get ready before the inevitable chaos.

    Good luck and best wishes to everyone in the path of Irma.

    Quick question for you knowledgeable folks. Florida has a population of around 20 million. The news reports suggest that the entire State may need to be evacuated. Where do 20 million people go for a week or two? Hope for friends and relatives in a nearby non-affected State where they can hunker down? And I can only imagine we'll be hearing about people who decided to ride this one out who are sitting on their rooftops waiting for help to magically arrive. All of this right on top of Harvey. Yikes. It is going to be an interesting next seven days.