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    Fireworks at English Bay-gctid819142

    Can anyone provide any hot tips for anchoring in/near English Bay to watch the fireworks?

    "rustyrake" post=819142 wrote:
    Can anyone provide any hot tips for anchoring in/near English Bay to watch the fireworks?
    [attachment]39587 wrote:

    For 11 years, I lived on the third floor of the green and cream building right on English Bay overlooking the beach. In other words, ....they put the fireworks on for me! I've seen all there is to see when it comes to boats in the bay before, during and after the fireworks. Yes, I have a few suggestions.

    1. If you want a good spot, get there EARLY, at least 6 hours before!

    2. Expect people will ask to raft up, so put your fenders out, as many as you have.

    3. Expect tremendous stupidity and a lot of drunks on the boats all around and even next to you. It gets so thick, you could literally walk from boat to boat all around the barge, and some people try.

    4. If you can, stay on the hook until morning. They've lost boats and people right after the fireworks, when 500 boats cross under the narrow the Lion's Gate or reenter False Creek channel at the same time, even more dangerous if there is any kind of tidal exchange.

    5. If you have small children, keep them in a life jacket and bind their ears so they cannot hear the language of the other frustrated boaters.

    6. Keep a watch out for morons shooting off flares. One year someone shot one off that just missed three boats, skipped off the water and finally came to rest near the barge.

    In 1997, the morning of the first show, as I was setting up my digital video camera to capture the show. While running a test, I caught this.

    [attachment]39589 wrote:
    EBB Barge Struck 1997.jpg[/attachment]

    It actually struck 3 times in one split second, all three followed the same path.

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      Early is best and the ground your anchoring on is not the best for holding

      After show finished turn on all your running and anchor lights and sit there

      li I usually wait 1/2 hour before making it back in

      Just to let the zahoo's do their thing

      You would not believe the traffic going every which way and the speed some of them are traveling

      Just enjoy but take you time leaving or anchor over night


        Thinking of doing the same thing tonight or Wed night. Not sure how busy Lions Gate Marina is afterwards. May have to stay the night on the water.

        Good Luck!

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          ... thank you for the responses. I have been duly warned about the chaos and drunkeness I am going deal with. I am hoping to spend the night. Looking at the charts last night got me thinking it might be just a good to anchor across the way at Jericho. Sems like a decent sight line and maybe avoid the madding crowd.

          Any thoughts or experience on that idea would also be appreciated.

          Thanks again Quorum, Sea Q, and CptCrunchie!