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    Fathers day, 2.-gctid811857

    In 2006, on fathers day, we were anchored out at Silver Glen springs. I was rafted up with another boat, and about 75 to the west of us, was a group of three boats. We went to bed about 10 ish or so, and when we woke in the morning, I turned on the marine VHF for a weather report. On 16, there was a guy calling for: "Coast Guard, sheriff, marine patrol, anybody..." I answered and explained that the VHF does not work here because there are very tall trees around it. He said that's why his cell don't work either. Then he said we need police and rescue here we have a couple who are dead from CO poisoning. I ask if he was sure and he said one of the others is an operating room nurse. I said stay on this channel I will call it in on my cell. My cell had an external gain antenna and 911 came right back to me. They were dead when the fire rescue got there.

    I asked the FWC officer for a copy of the report, because I write safety articles, and he said sure. I got a copy of the 16 page report from them about a month later. They hired a group which the C G uses to re-create the incident.

    The three were rafted with camper canvas up. The canter boat had a built in genny with a side exhaust, and he had a mooring fender between his boat and the victim boat. There were other things which were contributors, but the glaring thing was: the couple had ripped the wires out of the CO monitor on their previous outing because "it was squealing". The mans mother tried to sue the boat manufacturer, and they got a court order to let them see the boat, with her and their lawyers with them. Upon seeing the ripped out wires, they told the mother she had no case

    The victim couple were not stupid, but maybe a bit intoxicated. The man was a degreed electric power engineer, and the wife a supervisor at a large bank, and had a business degree.

    The point of this is: along with whatever safety devices you have, it requires a bit of common sense, and test them every once in a while. I do so every outing. WE will not let boats without CO monitors raft with us. Just common sense. Once, we had a large group rafted, and several monitors went off. We separated the boats into small groups and no monitors squawked.
    Captharv 2001 2452
    "When the draft of your boat exceeds the depth of water, you are aground"

    Tragic but avoidable.

    The minute you stop respecting electricity, fuel or anything that can kill you it will, or maim you.

    Friend of mines dad was a electrician for 50 years, got shocked to death.

    About 3 years ago friend lost 3 fingers to a snowblower to lazy to shut it off before clearing the shoot.

    2 days ago I was about to reinstall the cap on a fuel tank was 90 percent full. Had a lite cigarette in my mouth, I took the time to walk about 15' to the astray, put down the cigarette, then walked over to the tank.
    Be good, be happy, for tomorrow is promised to no man !

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      As said above they were probably intoxicated.

      I was a Environmental Health and Safety manager at a company. Our maintenance man was using a sawzall on a steel bracket. He hit a rust pocket and iyt splattered rust and metal chunks into his face. Since the "rules" required safety glasses, he put on drug-store magnifying ones, granny style. The chunks got into his eye. We did a dock in a box who sent us to an optimologist. I asked my boss for his take on a reprimand. Boss said put him thru the safety course again. Up[on telling the man this, he said "You mean I have to sit thru that course again just because I got hurt?

      I said

      Would you rather get 3 days off without pay?" He chose the course.

      Another one: An assembler used an exacto knife and cut her thumb. I applied a bandage and pressure to it, It would not clot, I asked her if she had taken any aspirins today. She said " I read that taking an aspirin helps prevent a heath attack, so I take one every day. The bottle is in my purse." I asked permission and retrieved a "500 Mg bottle marked maximum dose". I took her to a doctor in the same areaand he injected her with clotting stuff, and a stern talk about self medication.

      You are right, you cant fix stupid, even with a threat of termination.
      Captharv 2001 2452
      "When the draft of your boat exceeds the depth of water, you are aground"