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Fathers day....part 1-gctid811854

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    Fathers day....part 1-gctid811854

    I remembered something my dad did. We were at an amusement park and the Ferris wheel stopped. Its electric motor smoked and died. There was a little boy, we estimated 4-5 yrs old, in one of the seats near the top. He was panicked and sliding out from under the safety bar across this lap. The park goers were yelling to him to stay still, as the workers went for a ladder to rescue him, but panic overpowered their voices. Dad, who was 5-6, and 245#, climbed up the wheels frame and got to the boy. He told the kid to put his arms around his neck and hang on. Then he climbed down the wheel to the ground. Note here: the kids parents did not even thank him. Dad had high blood pressure and was a nervous guy and he looked up at the wheel, took out a tranquilizer and popped it, (that's how they treated high blood pressure in those days)and we left. He was strong but not in good shape, and most of all, he was scared of heights.

    My father was born and raised in the great depression, and was in a family of 8. His father was a shoe maker/repair guy and ,was poor. So, as was the custom in those days, dad quit school at 14 (which was the minimum age to get a work permit). He worked at various jobs, sometimes two at a time to help support the family. Dad married at 24 yrs old to mom, who was a shrew control freak. Dad continued to work 2 jobs to be able to buy a home of his own. He did so at 40 yrs old. You see, in those days, you had to have 20-25% down, assume all closing costs, and have squeaky clean credit. Mom also worked. We had a home, food on the table, and an older car which ran OK, but little else. In those days, you wanted to succeed as parents.

    mIss ya, dad.
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    Great story. Your father and mine seem a lot alike. They don't make 'em like these old guys anymore.
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