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91 2655 Door Latch Replacement-gctid358579

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    91 2655 Door Latch Replacement-gctid358579

    I need to replace the door latch on my boat problem is I just bought it on Nov and it went right into storage so I'm not exactly sure which one it needs.

    I remember it looked like the one at this link. Are these universal or are their different styles?

    Thanks in advance for any input

    hey speed,

    I am assuming you need the lockable Latch for your Cockpit to cabin door. The link you supplied did not work for me

    I had to replace mine, Made by Perko & fits a 2" hole in the plexy.

    this one


      Hi Captain Crunch,

      yes it is the one to the cabin plexi door, but it looks nothing like the one you used and almost looks identical to the one on ebay I was looking at. It is chrome and the center flips up and then turns to open (lockable of course).

      Just for some reason I remember it being tapered on the top not square?

      What year is your B-liner?


        I had a 91 2655.

        I am sending you some pics via e-mail


        4 pages of Perko latches